Pokestop submissions = Dead issue?


So what’s up with the submissions? Niantic said months ago to keep our eyes peeled, well, no info since. I guess only Brazil got into the ‘‘programme’’. Two more years for next batch of ‘‘news’’? Middle finger to Niantic…


This is currently a problem also in the ingress community. Currently in ingress prime you cannot submit anything. Only way to submit is to have old version of ingress but not too old so you’re not forced to update


Guess I am right to still continue my Ingress account and now at Level 6, 4 more to go to be able to submit. :grin:

Have been actively reporting invalid portals and have 3 already deleted due to all a duplicate since a lot of players seems to just want to submit a portal that could be a stop or gym that could benefit them.

I had a lot to submit due to our place having lots of good spot but have not been submitted due to decline of PoGo players and not of interest in Ingress.

I accidentally updated my Ingress to Prime and was not happy with it, good thing I have my own backup of the APK so I reverted my Ingress app and now playing with the old version.


They were never gonna fix pokestop. It was all a lie.:man_shrugging:t5: Tbh i know places that have no stops and have clusters. Niantic can make wild pokemon spawn without a pokestop, they just choose where to do so.

Don’t hold your breath for new Pokestops.


No need for the pessimism. They have already announced the feature and stated it would have a worldwide rollout. It will be available next year without a doubt.


it’s realism not pessimism. It’s been 3 months. And in the original news they said this : “Stay tuned for more news as this program expands to other countries” …looks like they lied and don’t want to expand the feature


You got a point there, and as the saying goes, “Justice delayed is justice denied”, features delayed is still not a feature. :grin:

Factors to consider though:

  1. If they have rolled it over Brazil and Korea, it only shows that “programatically” their apps could do it and they could do it all over the world. The only question though, “Have they completed it?”, meaning does the submission have resulted to actual addition of stop or gym? As what I have known if it is right, those submissions via PoGo STILL and WILL BE approved over by the folks in Ingress (via OPR), so there is the weakest link because in Ingress alone, there could have already been loads of submissions awaiting intervention for approval so the PoGo submission could have been delayed on that part, and could have been the reason why it is not still completed on its own, thereby delaying further their roll-out to other part of PoGo playing world.

  2. If Niantic will not let “submission” be in the hands of PoGo player alone, then the question is would they put enough manpower to handle that supposed additional feature? If not, then there is our answer, one reason why it is not being rolled out worldwide yet. By the way, are the Brazil and Korea submission still active in their apps version? Anyone could confirm if they could still submit as of these latest PoGo version? or has it already been turned off?

  3. Could they or the “feature” have been stucked due to possible “change in the process” like letting PoGo players participate on the approval of submission in-game (example like Voting) RATHER than having it handled by Ingress (OPR) operatives? Could they have seen their process or initial implementation not working or productive because of the current backlog in submissions and therefore decided to rewrite the whole process resulting to further delay but not totally trashing the proposed feature?

There are a lot of questions and only them could answer it, and that’s our problem for now, we are left hanging in the air.

Personally, I would still wait for this particular feature as this is one of the defining part of the game for me. I would rather want them to DELETE UNUSED (portals) Pokestop or Gym that they could know is not utilized in months or years due to decline in players if the issue is system resources, because FOR ME it would be beneficial for all to have just the pokestop and gyms on the location where current players are active the most, than making it available in all parts of the world but it is not even being visited and use in-game. This is also applicable to current spawn point or if I am right, some called “nest”. In our place alone, I have discovered pokemon spawn point just by accident, in places not usually traverse by most people so I bet they would be one of those “under utilize or unutilize”. In irony, there are places that are best to use as “spawn point” like in our place, the village center or club houses, basketball and tennis courts, convenience stores, etc. I have even emailed Niantic about this were I recommend some of this spot in our location instead of making water towers a stop or gym but they replied,

"Thank you for writing to us.

We understand your disappointment about the location of this PokéStop/Gym. Based on our research, it is located in the correct location and does not require any adjustments at this time.

Please keep in mind that our games are meant to augment reality, not replace it. If you’re not certain you have the right to access a location or whether it is safe to access, please do not make any attempts to do so. As a player or any other member of the community, you must respect access restrictions, never trespass, or in any manner gain or attempt to gain access to any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be. While we are not accepting new PokéStop/Gym submissions directly through Pokémon GO at this time, you can submit a request for a location to be added to Pokémon GO through Ingress, another game offered by Niantic. Submissions will be reviewed by the Ingress player community for inclusion in Ingress and some of these locations will also be added to Pokémon GO. However, please keep in mind that not all Ingress Portals will become Pokéstops or Gyms.

In the meantime, if you are having trouble finding PokéStops or Gyms near you, please try visiting a local park, tourist attraction, or other interesting and historical locations in your community."

In short, they don’t just listen to your explanation but rather insist there policy. The fun thing here base on their reply are:

  1. it seems they just verify if the “spot” is “located in the correct location” and not “assess” if it is really a good spot, despite my explanation (physically located and living on the said location).

  2. They say their games are meant to augment reality, not replace it. Right but a living person who is in the actual locality is already reporting issues about the current “spot”, so it seems they would rather believe and relied on those who approve the spot in the first place.

  3. They say “If you’re not certain you have the right to access a location or whether it is safe to access, please do not make any attempts to do so. As a player or any other member of the community, you must respect access restrictions, never trespass, or in any manner gain or attempt to gain access to any property or location where you do not have the right or permission to be”. :rofl: BUT THEY STILL INSIST THAT THEIR POKESTOP/GYM IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Can’t they understand why I am reporting an issue with the stop? They are saying, I should not just access it instead. Then why do they PUT and INSIST IT THERE? Isn’t it for players to access it? Bottomline, it would become under utilize, unless it is your home that is besides those water towers.

  4. They say, GO submit via Ingress but “please keep in mind that not all Ingress portals will become Pokestop or Gym”. :rofl: There again, first road block, to be able to submit in Ingress, 2nd road block, to be approved by Ingress players, 3rd road block, 50/50 chance to be included in PoGo as a stop or gym.

  5. They say “In the meantime, if you are having trouble finding PokéStops or Gyms near you, please try visiting a local park, tourist attraction, or other interesting and historical locations in your community.” - That is what I am already giving as a solution after reporting an issue with a stop in our location but heck they won’t even listen to my arguments.



In which i say don’t hold your breath. I have personally seen HUGE cluster spawns without a pokestop. It is possible to know where players are playing and increase spawn rates with or without a pokestop. They choose this slow method that still seems to not help many players out. :man_shrugging:t5:


Like 4 countries have gotten it, stay patient, we can’t have everything.


In late April, John Hanke in an Interview talked about PvP, Level Cap, Stop Submission and Gen 4. Here we are more than 6 months later none of these featues are fully released in fact we have only seen 2 of those 4 features.

Of the features with limited release Stop Submissions and Gen 4 are there. Only a handful of beta testers have played a demo version of PvP(yes I know the release in imminent)

This doom and gloom take stop submissions is crazy. Everything in this game has been slow, and on several occasions we have seen Niantic regress on features (3 steps to sightings to nearby).

I’ll end with this: of the features Hanke discussed which do you want most. I would bet a shiny nickel that a majority would prioritize Sinnoh and PvP over everything else so let’s be happy Niantic got their priority’s right in this one and remain patient and optimistic about stop submissions happening in 2019


Need more pokestops and gyms in Australia where I am, have to drive into the city just to spin/catch Pokémon.


All I’ve ever wanted is PVP and that’s coming very soon so I’m happy with that as far as pokestops and gyms we have enough in town the only reason I would like to submit stops and gyms this for selfish reasons and for most people that’s what it would be selfish reasons I said most not all but I would love to have a stop in gym in my job a lot of the truck drivers that come over here play so yeah


Not everyone is from big cities or metropolitan areas. For those of us that are from rural areas or small towns, we have been waiting for pokestop submissions since we downloaded the game and for me, that was like 26 months ago. We have stadiums, schools, shopping centers, museums and parks without any pokestops or gyms while some countries have pokestops as small as a trashcan or a statue that isn’t even there…


My own PoGo WishList in order of importance

  1. POI submission - Unfinished (still grinding with Ingress, which ever comes first)
  2. Trading - Done (Happy with the result)

A) Pokedex Completion - Hope to complete it.

Extra Bonus
Lucky Pokemon - unexpected but I LOVE IT!


Are you from a small town I am from a small town here in Texas but we have 15 gyms in about 80 stops all together in town so if you don’t have ginger stops you must be from like a small small town are population here in town is 5000


I’m from a town of 40,000. We have about 18 stops and 7 gyms and it isn’t enough


Damn I feel very lucky to have how many we got in a small town but damn near everything in our town is an historic marker the sign coming in says come see historic Gonzalez


I remember they tweeted something that they had to pause Pokéstop submission beta due to some technical issues (that was in late November)… I haven’t heard anything about that feature since then. I don’t know if it works again, but it seems as if we won’t get it worldwide too soon.
They probably didn’t have the resources to work on POI submission AND PvP at the same time…


Looks like the Pokestop submission system is paused, this function was launched for level 40 players in my area (Mexico) a few weeks ago but recently a friend reached that level and the submission button/option is missing.

Hope Niantic finds a way to fix this issue soon, we need more pokestops and gyms in our area and we can’t depend on Ingress Players to add and approve those spots in the game, it’s ridiculous.


You actively want to delete portals?? Youre an Ingress player alright…