Pokestop submissions = Dead issue?


Yup, and I have already reported 3 that had been deleted as they are all duplicate, not just in name but also in picture, and they do not exist in the real location hence, they approved it. One of that which is my first reported portal is just about half a kilometer from my house and it was pointed to someone’s house in the edge of the village but it was named as the village water tower and a picture of the tower from far away is used. I even go to the distance of capturing the village (gym location) via Google Earth and send it to Niantic so it was clearly shown there that the gym marker is not really on the spot were the water tower is located. So what they do is deleted the reported gym location and then they promote the real water tower location which is a pokestop into a gym.

I do that to be able to help clean up the current portal mess created and approved by their trusted Ingress players. Also to let them know that despite of my then Level 2 Ingress account, someone who cares about Ingress portal or PoGo pokestop/gym could still be of actual help, and not just be needed to be Level 10 on Ingress or Level 40 in PoGo to be trusted to submit POI. I just hope they will see that in general and make them have a second thought about their policy and requirement for POI submission that will be implemented in PoGo some day.


You assume way to much. You expect Niantic looks at your name and level when you report stuff like that. I very much doubt that.

I dont understand why you dont just do a portal edit to change the location.
Who cares about duplicate stops/gyms. More stops means more gyms means more fun. The only reason i would ask to delete a portal is if its in a dangerous spot or if it causes inconvenience to the neighberhood its in.


I don’t assume in that situation, I just HOPE… because I still believe that they will be somehow listening to their player based. and yes, they might not be recording any info about me or anyone on that matter but still, they do the correction and that is the point.

Why not just do a portal edit to change the location? Because there is nothing to edit there, but a duplicate to delete as that is what they say should be done. I just do what I think is the right thing on that situation and I believe I did the right thing as they processed my report and take action.

Who cares about duplicate stops/gyms? Well, I could say me as one, and Niantic also as they accepted my report

More stops means more gyms means more fun. Probably most of the time and maybe also to most of the players but some like me, quality still matters. I believe (application wise) pokestop/gym is a system resource, a fixed one (24/7 active in game) unlike a monster spawn that could be off even for a short period of time so a pokestop/gym is a big deal with the game, the mere reason they don’t just roll it out for everybody just like that.

I also have submitted portal for edit to change the location due to it becoming dangerous and getting off limits (also a water tower far from access road and guarded) but that report was declined by Niantic pointing their reason to be, it was in the correct location on its current location.


Seems like alot of working is going on, in a totally different game…no one i play with has the time or paitence to do anything to increase stops. :man_shrugging:t5:


I dont blame them. Level 10 in Ingress is quite the grind… Im happy i did it, but i wont recommend it. Personally i would have rather seen Pokestop submission first, and then later PVP. But thats personal preference.


What team are you in Ingress?I am blue.i became lvl 9 last sunday,i am now almost Level 10.


@Kevin_v_Hoften Resistance as always, Valor as always in PoGo :grin:

Wow! That’s Nice! you can almost submit POI Goodluck and advance Congratulations!


Great :+1::+1:


Going to Level 7 now in Ingress, 3 more Levels and a lot of grinding to go :grin::grin:


What is your username?


We’ll get it eventually. We just have to wait. They have to improve the system.


yep. totally dead issue.