Pokemon's Ideas to improve Pokemon Go


First idea is based on what John Hanke said about maps in Pokemon GO. He said “a change is coming to make maps simpler to help do raids”.
So here is what I want.
Trainer @Jormdeworm joins a raid. Trainer @Kevin_v_Hoften also joins. Trainer @bagguille is at another gym/stop. He/she has a option that
pop up showing that 2 players are in the lobby, similar to a notification for friends. @bagguille could say “heading to they raid” “not heading to the raid”. If a trainer, such as @Luna_Kit, selects “heading to the raid” @Kevin_v_Hoften, and @Jormdeworm can see this. They also have the choice to start the countdown as well as select a ready button. This could also show " @JoshHack TL 36" is heading to the raid", as well as “@5GodLink is heading to the raid in five minutes” or " @KingQ07 might come to the raid". What do you think?


If anyone else has ideas tell me and we could do something like " @Pokemon and @Robdebobrob ideas to build the hub part three" through messaging then post it.


All this by friends list?


No, but if a notification pops up saying " @5GodLink is at a raid here" it shows the friends icon ( two hands enclosed)

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Thanks @Mapman42


That’s one of the most @s i’ve ever seen


I couldn’t fit you sorry bout that.


It would really help me with moltres day


Today I was at 2 gyms, wondering if people were battling a Zapdos at a gym 10 minutes away


Niantic needs to hurry. They should have done this before Moltres day (if it comes)!


Everyone hurry if you want to add your ideas. Everyone will be featured! Just select “I want to collaborate” before the end of today!:grin::smile_cat:


Poll is closing whenever is nighttime for Netherlands. It would be nice if someone could tell me how many hours that is from now!:wink::blush:




It’s 9:28 right now for me so it would 3:00. Ok


Good idea!I give you a 10 @Pokemon

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Of course this is amazing. This is THE solution for me to find players and for raiding.


Thanks @Jormdeworm and @Kevin_v_Hoften spook much! I’m glad you like my idea!