Pokemon's Ideas to improve Pokemon Go


Funny because @Kevin_v_Hoften and @Jormdeworm are the first two users I mentioned


It’s so good because you can see that people are raiding and do the raid with them easily by selecting “coming in 5 minutes”.

I should email to Niantic!


Hello all. I’d like to say I’m gonna post our collaboration very soon. It will include many user’s ideas.


I like your idea about raid notifications with other trainers, just a simple question to ask: what is the notification radius, ie how far away I need to be away from the raid gym to receive notification from trainers going to start the raid soon?


You need to be able to see the gym in your radius.


So as long as you see the gyms to have raid, you would receive raid notification?


No. If players are in the lobby, you will receive a notification. You can also tap on the raid to say you are coming to it.


Yeah would be a good future


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