Pokémon Showdown topic


Link to the game: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/

I play this game a lot and I find it more fun than battling in Pokémon go. I also know that this is unrelated to Pokémon go, but it may give ideas for a future battle system. This is for @Pokemon btw.


Some ideas I got for the battle system from the game:


Awesome! I can battle all you guys!

@darksylveon1 what is your username?


Is this you @darksylveon1???


My username is Pokemon33321 @everyone.

IM or post in here if you want to battle me .


Lol i have played that a lot

Mainly AG or random battles


Mostly used it for teambuilder lol
But 1v1 is easy to rank up in, got all the way up to 1500 with a last-minute team


What formats you battle in?


My name proudie


I play


I’m iamdagod
I play in ou, Uber, anything goes, random battle, random doubles, doubles ou, doubles Uber, balances hackmons, and 1v1



I will play with you.

But how can I?


Tap on find a user and type the player you want to challenge (type “iamdagod” to challenge me). Select challenge and then pick a tier.


Here is a battle in balanced hackmons I just did: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7balancedhackmons-804385735


Wow you won, lets play!!


I gtg, sorry


Just saw it, seems cool. (Username is Lapras1010)


Lets play


Well I have to go now so I can’t


And you?What formats you play?