Pokémon Showdown topic


I am “Brobraam” in pokemonshowdown

I mainly play AG, gen 7 random and gen 1 random


Lol. Just swept this guy


Cant replay
Which Mons you use most often in AG?


Why not have a battle?

I mostly use Pokemon i like. This time I used jigglypuff and celesteela.

What is your ign?










Let’s play








Cant rn, will do later, which format, random?


Lol the other guy forfeited


Sadly I can’t chat in Pokemon showdown since I do it on school WiFi and it appears to be a proxy

“It appears that you use a proxy. You can’t chat whilst it appears that you use a proxy”

And I have the worst team in this random battle lol


Also it seems that I cannot challenge others whilst on school WiFi…


my team 1 win @Brobraam team 1 win


https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7balancedhackmons-804561510 A battle with only level 1 magikarps and I won


I have no idea what they are, I just do random battles :cold_sweat:.


In Anything Goes you can use every Pokemon. In Ubers you can use pokemon from ubers and Below, in OU you can use Pokemon from OU and below, etc.

The name of the tier the Pokemon is in yells you how good a pokemon is and how often it is used