Pokémon GO Lunar New Year 2020 and Minccino special research



I think it is Shit Event Month😺


Hyped for darumaka. Zen darmanitan incoming (I hope)


The spawns mentioned annoy me. Vulpix? Voltorb? Foongus? Jynx? Magmar? Scorphish? Kricketot? Slugma? Why would I want any of these? Even the usual spawns are better!

The only mentioned spawn I find to be interesting is Wurmple, and maybe Magikarp.

I am not sure what I think about the wild Shiny Gyarados, but honestly, I am really happy I have not evolved my Shiny Magikarp yet.

On the positive side, the Research Day and Lucky Bonuses are cool. And of course the release of Darumaka and Minccino.

The event is way, way better than last one in my opinion, but it is still bad because of the terrible spawns.


And there’s also no decision on which eggs to get: spin for Minccino or open gifts for Darumaka?



Yeah I hate these events with bad spawns. Probably gonna save a lot of balls and mostly shiny check.


The point is, 78.6% of the mentioned spawns can not even be Shiny. Only three of them can be, and two of those three are from the same family.


The event would have been better if Shuckle, Delibird, Spinda, Taillow, Carvanha, Plusle and maybe even Groudon and Latias were added to the wild spawn pool instead of, for example, Vulpix, which isn’t even red at all.

Or a new Shiny could have been released, besides Minccino.

It could still happen, though, but is seems unlikely.



A slew of “red Pokemon” that I have no interest in will be spawning more frequently in the wild, thus drastically dropping the chance of Pokemon that I DO want from appearing … yet again.

Darumaka will only be in 7K eggs, forcing me to yet again walk off a slew of friend eggs which are chock full of other Pokemon that I do not want. I see a horde of now unavoidable baby Pokemon in my future.

Minccino (a dex filler Pokemon) will need a Unova stone. Ugh.

I’m definitely losing interest in the game and events like THIS are the main reason why. :frowning:


I can understand that they want to try new things… But recently they have made it worse and worse… It’s again all about hatching with that new mon. Red Pokémon… hm… I think they did that because they were afraid people wouldn’t like the rat like Pokémon which are already quite common…
Wild shiny Gyarados is a nice twist, won’t need it any more though.

I like that they bring back a research day, but I’d have preferred the Lotad times That were 8 hours! Almost everybody could find at least some time to play back then. Why not again 8 hours? And I really hope they won’t make it a Feebas like low shiny rate for that…


I’m assuming it’s not 8 hours because it’s Super Bowel Sunday, but that’s just my assumption, since a majority of the research day already is during the super bowl.


Only Wurmple, Magikarp and Gyarados could be shiny?


Yeah, 8 hours research day is much better, because it gives different players different times to play and more time to complete research to get the target Pokémon. The concept of research Day is to complete research and get Pokémon, while community day is about shiny checking and catching Pokémon


Another new Pokémon that is egg locked for now


From the Pokémon they announced yes. You can also get Shiny Minccino and Shuckle from this event, though, but they are not in the wild, sadly. :confused:


I still can’t enjoy those evolved forms being Shiny in the wild… :pensive:
(This screen shot is not mine, but I can confirm it is legit because I have seen more reports of Shiny Magmar being in the wild.)


I am curious about other’s opinions on this event.

Honestly, I found the Hatchathon event to be bad, but this one even beats it in being terrible. This is why:


  • New Pokémon: Darumaka, Darmanitan, Minccino and Cinccino released.
  • This event boosts some spawns that do not regularly get boosted by events.
  • The evolved spawns are cool to see.


  • Darumaka is only available in 7km Eggs. Now they should not be everywhere around, but why this?
  • The spawns are annoying. I have tons of Vulpix, Voltorb, Foongus, Jynx, Kricketot etc already. Those who don’t, can have them in just one hour only. Including their evolves.
  • The 7km pool got ruined. It seems you can only hatch eight Pokémon from 7km Eggs received during the Lunar New Year Event: Foongus, Darumaka, Wurmple, Vulpix, Riolu, Magikarp, Shuckle and Magby. I definitely don’t want to walk 7km just to hatch a Foongus, Magikarp or Vulpix. They are everywhere in the wild already, even outside events they are pretty common for me.
  • No new Shinies got released.
  • Lack of possible Shinies in the wild. Only Magikarp, Gyarados, Magmar and Wurmple can be Shiny. Magikarp and Wurmple are cool, the others?
  • Shiny Magmar in the wild. Just why? I don’t see the point. If ‘devolving’ was a thing, it would be fine by me, but since ‘devolving’ doesn’t exist, I don’t see the point. We could already have had a Shiny Magmar by evolving a Shiny Magby.
  • Shiny Gyarados in the wild. This is the weirdest decision ever. I have yet to see the first Gyarados to pop up, and even IF I will, I bet it is not going to be Shiny. The Shiny Gyarados is just for the spoofers, in my opinion. Extra bonuses for the spoofers, because of their hard work. (Just kidding!) And it is yet again an evolved Pokémon. so glad I haven’t evolved my only Shiny Magikarp yet. You will see, that if I did, I would probably get the Shiny Gyarados.
  • The Lucky Bonuses are nonsense. I did 30 trades yesterday, and only one got Lucky. I can still remember, that, when Trading Evolution came out, I did six trades, and five of them became Lucky. And that was without the ‘Lucky Bonus’!
  • The new Pokémon are in different Egg pools.
  • The duration of this :poop::poop: event is too long.

Now this is just my opinion, but I find this event to be very, very poor. The fun fact is that every procent has led to even more cons. I didn’t include the Minccino Research Day, because that is not ongoing yet, but I strongly hope it is going to be better than this and not as Feebas’ Research Day.


I mean I also think it’s a lame event, but the way I look at it is this: yes it’s a lame event (IMO) but I don’t have to play as often then if I don’t like the event, gives me time to hang out with the wife more and play different games instead of shiny hunting (for mons I already have,except wurmple and alolan rat) all week long. So I mean in summary (and imho) yes it’s lame event, but I’m also glad it’s lame bc it gives me the perfect opportunity to take a “week” long break from the game and not feel like I’m missing anything.


It’s a meh event, but I would have been much more mad had 7 km eggs had all the Alolans and the baby Pokemon on top of the red Pokemon. It would have made getting Darumaka next to impossible.

What’s really terrible is that Lucky Trades weren’t boosted at all by all accounts and purposes. I’d dare to call that false advertising. Thankfully, I had the foresight to not focus on trading on this event so nothing was really lost on me. Still, I feel bad for anyone else who reached the trade limit and didn’t get a single lucky trade.

I’ll still go for 7 km eggs for the duration of this event, but once it’s over, I’ll switch back to no 7 km eggs. I got a 96% Darumaka already (13 attack though) so I’ll see about getting the candies to evolve one.

Hopefully, the Minccino event next Sunday will be better.