Pokémon GO Lunar New Year 2020 and Minccino special research


Actually Darumaka still feels impossible. Half of my eggs end out to be a Foongus…


I’m not impressed by this event either. The 7km egg pool is hell. I managed to get one Darumaka, though. Still hoping for a second for my livingdex.
I only received ONE rare candy from gifts so far, and I didn’t even bother trading.

I do love the fact that we have some shiny evolutions in the wild. I don’t need Gyarados, but I’d really really love to get myself a shiny Magmar. It’s almost impossible for me to hatch a shiny Magby (or any other shiny baby), so I’ll take it if I can.
But my shiny luck is not existent at the moment… :sob:

The research thing might be ok, though… We’ll see. As long as it’s not like Feebas I’ll be fine with it.


I actually like the rare candy from gifts, I’ve gotten about 8 so far from the 15ish gifts I’ve opened the last 3 days (I’ve been pretty bad at opening gifts and sending them this event)


Yeah this kinda sucks. It’s cool to see Gyarados, Chameleon, Flareon and Magmar since they arent that common. I have opened I’d say 15 or so gifts and no rare candies or lucky friends. In the 4 or 5 7km eggs I have hatched none have been Darumaka. I hate these 7km eggs but since it’s the only way to get Darumaka I’ll keep hatching them.

My favorite events tend to be the ones with really diverse and interesting spawns. Like the old rock events were some of my favorite because I never see kabuto, omanyte, lileep etc. That evolution event was also dope from a couple months back.

I understand not every event is gonna be a home run. Not every event is dedicated to everyone because not everyone plays the same way. Like the raid events arent for me. I don’t raid a whole lot so those events are whatever to me. The xp events arent for me cause I’m already level 40.

With that being said hopefully the next event is more appealing to a wider group of people.


Got 4 lucky trades today with the wife, hate that most of them were ones that I didn’t want at all (for my account) I was just trying to rr them for her account.


I’ll be at work during event and I only have 1 pokestop.


Yeah I’m gonna be at work too. Thankfully I dont care about this pokemon really. I’ll get it eventually.


How are shiny Magmar and Gyarados a con?


Yeah, this event begins an hour and a half before the Super Bowl for me (my beloved Chiefs are playing! :D) and I have plans. There is no way I am going to take the time to do this. I’ll just hatch one one day. lol


Lol it was hilarious to watch all the 49er fans (since we’re in Cali) rush around for the first hour trying to do as many tasks before 3 so they could get to their parties.


I’m in CA too (San Diego) and was the lone Chiefs fan at the Super Bowl party that I attended.

One person was catching Pokemon though. :rofl:


Now I’ve seen, the Chiefs have won… well… congrats to both, for have been in the finals


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