Pokemon Art


Sorry that I didn’t get this done, folks! Things got hectic, but I promise I’ll have it done for the next one.

I even went and bought some new art markers today. :wink:


Its cool take your time it’s not like we are paying you


@VanHooIII next Team Rocket Days are around the corner and it’s been 3 weeks since you promised you would draw Team Rocket and Meowth. I know you are busy with your fan-made Pokemon, but can you find a bit of time to draw Team Rocket before the next Team Rocket Day?


Probably, yeah.


We’re waiting…


I’ll try my best. :slight_smile:


To be honest though, when you draw you have to want to. Team Rocket isn’t all that fun to draw for me. lol









That’s awesome


I have some stuff to post here soon. :smiley:


The Gen 8 starters: Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble.

Note: Sobble actually has three shades of blue, but I didn’t have the right shade for his mouth area and chest, soooo … he’s all the same blue. lol



How’s that


I can do another but it will take awile


Keep them coming


I’d like to get my Team Rocket and Meowth artwork before the next Team Rocket Day/Week, @VanHooIII.


When is it?

It will probably be Team Rocket Pokemon with maybe some Team Rocket grunts or something? Jesse and James just aren’t very fun to draw. lol