Pokemon Art


There’s a shiny Nickel in it for you if you finish


Gimme my shiny nickel, dude …


Your nickel will be sent by UPS you can expect it by August 22nd 2023 your tracking number is lol


Seven new Gen 8 Pokemon revealed this morning. Can’t wait to draw them. :smiley:


A little thing I’ve been working on.

EDIT: Colored it, didn’t take as long as I thought it would.


Sorry for the double post, but here’s the final product, and I think it deserved its own post:

Lineart done in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019. Everything else was done in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.


Cool art like that is worth a double post.


Looks awesome, man! If cresselia ever comes back to raids, may i use that picture for my local whatsapp group image?


Sure, but give credit where credit is due. You can link people here: https://www.deviantart.com/jason-de-lepee/art/The-Lunar-Pokemon-807088303


So I bought this book, ‘How To Draw Pokemon’ by Ron Zalme, about 20 years ago in 1999, or maybe 2000.

In it Ron explains, with three step instructions, how to make rudimentary pencil sketches of about 25 critters

But I decided I’d draw them on my computer instead. The trouble was I only had a basic free ‘Paint’-type drawing software and an early Wacom-type tablet and pen that wasn’t much better than using a mouse.
The early results were truly terrible…

… aaarggghhh… the files are original bitmaps and it won’t let me upload them here.:disappointed:… I’ll try and covert a few to jpegs and continue this later…
Cheers… :grin:


Try the “Save As” option. That’s what I used to do when I used Paint back in the day.


…Figured it out :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyhoo… as I was saying… my first efforts were DREADFUL…



…and they really didn’t get much better! :wink:



…but they still make me chuckle. Cheers! :grin::nerd_face:



Paint takes a lot of practice to get a grasp on, but with a lot of practice–and a mouse that’s worth a damn–you can really up your quality. Heck, if you look at my DeviantArt gallery to the very early days, it was mainly all done in MS Paint from 2004-2007 until I finally got my hands on Paint Shop Pro. I still did the lineart in MS Paint though, but coloring was done in Paint Shop Pro. Only until within the last two years did I switch to Illustrator and Photoshop.


Keeping this thread alive! I also have some Gen 8 stuff to post soon. :slight_smile:


Anyone have any requests?

I will soon be drawing all of Gen 8 when it’s all released, but have also been itching to draw some previous Pokemon as well.


Gen 8 it is! lol

Vulpix & Ninetales dedication thread with fan art

I want to see the new wheezing


Yesssss. Consider it done, my friend.