Pokemon Art


Here we go. It’s too big to be uploaded here (almost 900 KB) so we will have to make do with a link.


Completely forgot to draw Meowth and Team Rocket!


And Team Rocket Days are over. But you can do it now and I’ll use it for the next Team Rocket Days.


Your art is so good!
The bronzor pattern looked amazing, I also downloaded your shadow besides it.


@Arem1771 @VanHooIII any more?


Is posting fanmade pokemon on my topic now


I want my Team Rocket drawing.


I’ve been busy with interviews as well as other projects. More will come soon…


Yeah, I’ve been pretty immersed in the fanmade thread, this is true. lol

I haven’t forgotten this thread though. @Branebs Team Rocket is still definitely coming. One thing holding me back is that my skin tone markers died. I use specific art markers from the hobby store and I haven’t had time to go replace them. This also prevents me from finishing Meowth whose main color is “cream”. :stuck_out_tongue:



The steel lightbulb compels you.


And look, we have another one!

This was sort of an experiment with feathered edges and inner glow. I purposely left the talons off because it didn’t seem to belong.

EDIT: Increased glow radius for wings and body.




@VanHooIII are you working on Team Rocket and Meowth drawing? Will you finish it before the next Team Rocket Days?


When is Team Rocket Days?


@VanHooIII 25 January


I’ll at the very least have Meowth and Wobbuffett.


How’s it going?


Good. Super busy with work lately, I’m afraid. :frowning:


When are you going to draw us, @VanHooIII?


I liked @UltraInstinct841’s Wobuffet.