Players in your area


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Woho! From the North!
Please add me


I’m from gonzales texas


Greetings from Iceland :slight_smile:

Looking for players near Orlando Florida. Headed there in November. Would love to do raids and trades, have regionals and more for trading…


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November is great time to go to Disney World. The kids can still do the Halloween candy parade and you can also see Christmas parade on same trip. Weather is awesome too.


Can confirm that it is great I did that last year in October, got to enjoy the Halloween festivities as well as catch a ton of ghost and psychic mon for the Halloween event


Has anyone gone to Disneyland Aneheim its right next to my house


Yes I have, it’s really nice lots of stops, I’d recommend making sure your bag is relatively empty before going so you can spin the stops. (I went before they had quests and stuff) got some good Pokémon when waiting in line (except for rides that the lines are indoors)


Greencastle, PA, U.S.


You are closest to me I’ve seen on this forum. Martinsburg, WV.


Nobody’s from texas so sad


Anyone around Westminster Maryland?


Michigan, USA


Bay area??


Dublin California


I used to live near Westminster and still work about 30 minutes from there.


Let me check where that is…

I live in LA.
@ryan21 lives in the bay area.


Nice! @Pokemon I live near Sacramento, I just go to the Bay Area every week.


Wow, cool, never been to Sacremento but visited the Bay area for the fist time this summer.


Den Haag, the Netherlands.