Players in your area


Russia, Tver


@Kevin_v_Hoften @KingQ07 @Jormdeworm @Brobraam @MrHeineken88 is he near you guys


Close. @Orangewolf where in the Hague do you live? I live in Rijswijk


I guess he’ll live between me and @MrHeineken88

I live in the green cirkle, and mrheineken lives in the green one, i think


So 5km from you?


A tiny bit more, i guess.




If i could walk 300km in a minute, yes


Take a look here.


Wow so you could walk or bike to him


Yep. We could do that lol


No one hears from Texas




Near Den Haag Moerwijk Station


That is very close to me. Like 15 minutes by bike. I live 1 km from Rijswijk station (next train stop)


Are you in this whatsapp group for our area?

[edit] and it was on this moment i realised we could know each other personally without knowing :joy:




Trade corsola or mr.mime or trauros
torkoal or tropius?

I also have am Willing to trade :
Electabuzz, girafarig , hitmochan , hitmonlee, jynx ,lapras , lickitung, magmar, militank , pinsir, scyther,skarmory
Strong blissey , ludicolo ,

Legendary :
Ho-oh, kyogre , moltres , articuno , zapados , regirock ,registeel,
Groudon , rayquaza ,


@Pokemon is in LA, and I’m in Northern CA. But I do have a corsola, mr Mime and tauros that I would be willing to trade


Please, I need Corsola