Players in your area


Inverness, Scotland.


Yes but it’s only a few times a year to visit my half sister


Nearest city to me is Wakefield, West Yorkshire. (England)


New Zealand


Cool i was there at vacation


West By God Virginia.


Greensboro north Carolina


Anyone in Manchester? I’m stuck on Celebi quest and need to do a local trade with someone


No sure what to do I have two friends one is my daughter and two my granddaughter


?? What do you want???


I can’t wait to see the ocean of nerds everywhere tomorrow when we all show to catch Flaming Moltres!


I cant wait to see the enptyness i my town with moltres day…


Articuno Day was crazy. Like a hundred people showed up at same gym. So for Zapados Day, we were assigned teams and routes. We have done same for tomorrow, but haven’t gotten assignment yet.


Thanks love :blush:


London, UK


Surrey UK


Anyone in the Staines area


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Sacramento California, USA


Hi, I live in Bergen, Norway, and im looking for a australian player for trade of pokemones. I know about range limit but that wont be a problem. Please send me a PM. Or email at [email protected]