Players in your area


Middlesex UK anyone?


Add me pls guys


Where in CA? I live in Seaside, Monterey Peninsula. :grinning:


I am in Harper Woods, Michigan. If there is anyone around the Detroit area that would like to do raids and such, send me an email. [email protected]. We have about 9 people who are family and friends. We have started a Team Rainbow Rocket group, not necessary but if you are interested then let us know.


please remove your trainercode. There is 1 place to post it: Pokémon GO Trainer Codes - Add Friends (Official Megathread)

Edit; Tanks :slight_smile:


Ik kom ook uit nederland
(I’m also from the netherlands)


LA !!!:grin::earth_africa::earth_africa::earth_africa::earth_africa: ten char


Gary Indiana


Waar uit nederland?


LA! You are far from Monterey. :pensive:
Did I send you an invitation? :grinning:


San Diego, California. I play everyday, I need a group :joy:


There is going to be a a 5 star raid in Chula Vista mall and I was wondering is anyone going? So that we could form a group to take the pokemon down


Its a Ho-Oh raid


Kilwinning Scotland


One of my local Gyms in the game is at a Kilwinning Lodge


No codes on this thread.


Anyone in the Surrey area? Need to trade for quest


Where is that?


Denver, CO


You ever make it to Indianapolis?!