Perplexing things in Pokemon GO


Yeah they’re not good for much except for saving a little dust


I sent 3 Lucky Mewtwos to the Professor off one of the Kids accounts the other day. With an attack of 12 they are totally useless when there’s 20-30 easily better on the account even though are not Lucky.


I wish you could have just thrown it here my way! :joy:

I don’t even have any Bad Luck Mew2…

Praying all Legendaries and Mythicals could get free of Niantic’s Lab and pass over here :joy: :joy: :joy:


It will sadden you to know the Family accts have around another 30 marked for trade with each other when I can be bothered. I need the bag space back. At one a day its a long drawn out tedious task.
To add further salt the 40 odd on my account that can’t trade need to be just trashed. I’ve been putting off what really needs to be done. When bag space becomes an issue I’ll pull the pin.


I think I’ll just befriend the Professor :joy:

By the way are you already maxed storage (2000 isn’t it)?


I feel your pain I wish I had enough Mewtwo to throw away like that guy but I only have 5 none with super good IVs


This is only what I’ve got that has 2 on it :sweat_smile:


Lol never seen that drink


No, they are around 17-1800 atm.
I’d rather buy more Raid Passes than Storage atm.


Just find out this moment, I have a 100% Suicune, just awaiting discovery in my bag :joy::joy::joy:

What a Luck!


I never get that lucky