Perplexing things in Pokemon GO


Did they actually remove Shiny Absol or just remove Absol entirely for now? I’ve seen a fair amount of reports for them up until Absol was removed from gyms.

The Shiny Magnemite is something I’ve heard of, but I found one person in my Raid groups who caught one a few days ago.


Wait! They removed shiny Magnemite?!?!

Why would they remove a shiny at all?


And they removed Absol. Very strange :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :frowning:


Removed?? uhhhhh


Why Oh Why??? Does it bring them bad luck? :smile: :sweat_smile:

I have not catch one yet…


I don’t have Absol, too. Niantic should let it spawn in the wild.


I’ve done over 60 raids and never got a shiny absol :confused:


I got absol while my dad was driving.
I was lucky a level 27 and 25 had already been in the raid for 70 seconds and we were at a intersection so we had to wait another 45 seconds.


I imagine Absol will be back in rotation soon enough. I mean, we have three Psychic-types still on the way.


Just came to think of this only now…

Gen 1 to Gen 4 had been grouped as Regions like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, am I right on this?

Then a lot of previous Pokemons happen to have a prior evolution released (late) from other region like Mantine (Johto) which evolved from Mantyke (Sinnoh), and a lot more pokemons like these, Budew, Munchlax, etc from Hoenn and Johto also…

Does it means pokemons migrate from region to region to evolve? :sweat_smile:

Guess they did not come to think of it before, and just cant do anything because they need to add more pokemons, and they just do it, without much rethinking anymore… :grin:


New ideas form over the years of video game development methinks, plus Johto was screwed on a lot of new Pokemon, so it took Gen 4 to make them relevant.


They should have just put the “pre-evolve” pokemons in unknown tab just like Meltan and not insert it with the other pokemon release in a specific region

(I’m referring to PoGo only because I have not watch yet the entire TV Series)

Anyway, it is just a number… though is just look funny :grin:


I have seen now multiple times Omanyte when I was already done with its quest… but before it seems a regional pokemon during my quest :joy:


A CP 10 pokemon broke free from a ball that hit it?!? Not just once, but five times??!!?? That’s not just rough, it’s borderline scandalous.

I pineap every pokemon that’s at or below 20 CP as a general rule, assuming that any hit with a pokeball will be an automatic capture, no matter how glancing the hit is.

I have yet to see a single exception to that formula in 3 years. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen an escape after the third shake. I guess I need to revise some of my basic assumptions here…


I guess Niantic uses LUCK as their main Variables in their programs algorithm :grin:

Happened to have joined a Kyogre raid days ago, won the raid in the first try, get a 3 ball bonus for a total of 10, landed 6 with 4 Great or Nice hit, missed 4 and the end result, no flying blue whale for me.

Then hurriedly, log my daughter’s account, won the raid on the third try after all pokemons fainted, got no bonus ball as the other team got the edge, go to the bonus challenge and “whoa” a Shiny Kyogre spawn. Aim and hit the target, it escape in the first hit but was caught with the second ball!

NO better logical or scientific explanation there but just plain LUCK I guess :joy:


Indeed. Hell, my husband had the worst luck during Christmas. I had found a prefect Delibird at level 2, CP 48. Pretty much an easy catch. He decided not to take chances, so he berried it and used an Ultra Ball. It broke out during the very first shake and it got away! I called absolute BS on that, because that should not happen ever. Niantic got an earload from both of us.


The capture equation includes a number of deterministic factors (level, throw quality, ball type, etc) and a pseudo-random factor that sometimes dominates them all.

That’s when it seems just downright arbitrary, feels like luck, tempts the utterance of an expletive rhyming with that, and has even tempted me a few times to test the ballistic/aerodynamic properties of my phone. Thank goodness better judgment has always taken over and had me just close the app and turn off my phone…

I still wonder whether the developers consider those occasions to be bugs or features… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
edit: And then some of those times the luck is in your favor, and a throw that has NO business catching anything can capture a great mon. Go figure… or not.


Got Lucky Trade in the first try for the 2nd day today since yesterday with the same player.

There’s the LUCK variable again :joy:


Good to hear that you got you a lucky Pokemon


I let all my Lucky Pokémon get killed in gyms because they still sucked.