Perplexing things in Pokemon GO


Anything that happened in your game play that makes you wonder, Why Oh Why these happened???

  1. You are short in Pokeballs so you try to walk from stop to stop hoping to collect more, and at the same time trying to hatch your egg to make space in your bag for the incoming weekly Adventure Sync reward, then eggs comes raining down the pokestops and filling it up instead of your intended more pokeballs and less eggs… Why Oh Why it happens this time??? You can’t just throw the 5km eggs even if you want :sweat:


I hate when I try to get gifts from stops but all I get is a full bag of junk


Yeah, I feel your frustration…

I now dump revives whenever I got short on balls and the inventory is full.

I just hope Niantic will allow players to spin stops and get Research Task even if no items will be collected due to full inventory.


I keep 120 Max Revives and Max Potions, and trash the rest. lol

I hate it when I hatch several eggs and get a bunch of the same one. For example, I hatched 6 7K eggs last night … 4 Smoochum, 2 Magby. C’mon! lol


When my ex gym has a raid when passes should be given out. Why can’t they(niantic) make it so all ex gyms dont have a raid that entire day. :exploding_head:


My only stop today didn’t work because of network error I lost my streak


I usually trash all Revives, red balls, and Nanap berries.


Here’s the number one thing that ticks me off more than anything: balls that break open during the first shake. It happens on the dumbest times (I had it happen 5 times in a row while catching a CP 10 Pokemon) and it just happens way too often to be legitimate.


It’s even worse when they shake 2-3 times and then still break open.


I can deal with 2 times since that happens with Legendary encounters normally, and the 3-shake breakout is exceedingly rare, but the half-shake breakout thing happens like once in every five times. It’s so dumb.


The half shake break open doesn’t really bother me because it’s not wasting my time. The 2-3 shake break open pisses me off because it’s like the game is teasing me.


I don’t like the laggg whenever I open the game


I don’t like the laaaagggggg when doing PvP.


How about the lags when browsing friends?

Take note that I only have 20+ on the list, just 10% of the max 200. I then ended opening friend that I did not intend to because of that. And I believe it is not because of my phone or my connection because I had already upgraded to a new, much faster phone and it happens even if I am home connected to WiFi on our Fiber powered internet service so I think it is with the way they program the Friends Browsing part of the app.

Just hope they will improved it in the future as friendship is now an integral part of the game as PVP is already implemented.


Browsing through my friends is an unnecessary hassle.


What about the lag reviving stuff? Jesus, what a pain.
I also lag while browsing my invetory!


A lot of process that needs tapping buttons / options are now lagging in PoGo, don’t know why.

I have encountered lag in Egg Hatching where you need to tap the “INCUBATE” option. I tap it once and nothing happens so I tap it again, only to see in split seconds the incubators, so what happen is I have incubated a 2km egg into a Super Incubator since it was the second incubator next to the orange one, resulting to a wasted incubator :disappointed_relieved: I only use the blue and purple incubators for 10km eggs.


Why, Niantic?


Thanks for the correction.


You’re welcome.