Old coin system, same gym system!


Okay so recently a lot of people have been complaining about 50 coins per day but in order to get the old system spoofers need to go. I think because it’s now only 50 coins per day no matter how many gyms are being held spoofers aren’t bothered to take other gyms because it won’t benefit them. So basically my point is that spoofers are the ones preventing us from getting our precious coins that we so desperately need. Don’t be mad at Niantic, be mad at spoofers! We need them out!


You’re exactly right. If Niantic will just step up their stance against cheaters and spoofers, we will be getting so many new and exciting features, because they won’t have to spend time building software to combat spoofers and designing these systems around spoofers. If it weren’t for spoofers, we would already have PVP, trading, etc.


So true, I wish spoofers would stop and think about what they’re doing. They are ruining the game for everyone. We would be so much better off without them and yes we’d have an amazing battle system and have never before seen features but then you realize that that will have to wait until this idiotic selfish group known as spoofers copped on.


My concern is this. Let’s say that all spoofers everywhere stopped for good. That doesn’t change the fact that they have all of those amazing Pokémon already. All it means is that they need to travel a bit to play.


Yeah but at least we stand a chance


This seems like a childish request not understanding that yes, spoofers are one of the main reasons for this system, but i would know plenty of legit players who could abuse the old system because they had plenty of dragonites and blisseys to throw in gyms. Plus you are neglecting the fact that the new system allows for anyone to get coins more readily, especially for lower level players. Bring back the old system and they would be left in the dust.


Then they’d have an incentive to get out there and play so they can catch up and become great players. All I’m saying is right now spoofers run the show.


Bane909 did you feel the need to make an account just to say this?


@Bane909 Here you are moaning about us playing the game properly. If you can’t play the game properly don’t play. Yes we’re “bitching” about Pokécoins because you need Pokécoins to buy raid passes. No, I don’t expect it to be handed to me on a plate( that’s how spoofers have it). They teleport when they can easily just go outside and play. If they can afford credit and a phone, they can afford public transport. If you want to play, play properly. Also we want the game to be better and that includes rural spawns. I’m trying to make a suggestion about how to cut down on spoofing and here yo are being an asshole about it. How am I trying to belittle yous, I’m trying to get yous to go outside and play the game properly. Actually I’ve never given up on something I enjoyed in my life so you can take that statement and shove it. We have bigger brains than you because we can actually come up with better vocabulary and don’t have to swear to grab people’s attention. By the way the reason Pokémon Go doesn’t have many features is because you spoofers are ruining the gym system. Well we’re smarter than you because we don’t start fights with each other like you just did. We’re not sheep we think for ourselves and the Youtubers listen and make videos on them to try and get our opinions noticed. Spoofers will break trading because they can just trade regionals with legit players.


Bane is gone and won’t be coming back. Can’t have that kind of language and caustic attitude here. Also removed his posts.


Yay we can’t have spoofers on the forum.


Niantic should take note on how to deal with them as swiftly as above.


Hi guys!

I don’t think the old system was better; out in the country we have 3 gyms in the village, so under the old system you could get 30. We could go to town and perhaps get some more, but that’s not feasible when playing everyday.

The upshot of being in the country is there aren’t any spoofers, it’s just not worth coming here. Apart from local ones though tbf. We’ve scraped together a 9 person strong raid group, 3 of them spoof. And for raids they can be pretty useful. In the city I’m sure they gum everything up though, I can imagine how aggravating that would be.

Sorry for saying this, but the old system bred animosity, and newer players in our group that didn’t really use the old system don’t seem to dislike spoofers as much.

I do miss the stardust though! Thats my biggest issue with it.


This is so true, Niantic have been focusing on trying to take out spoofers and because of that the game mechanics have been suffering. If they eliminated the spoofers we would have so many more features and better gameplay.


Hello @Elderscroller :slight_smile: first of all, Nevarine ftw, morrowind 4eva!!

Everyone here seems sure that spoofers have hindered development of new features, but Im not sure why? I’ve always thought Niantic turned a blind eye to spoofing, I figure it’s cos it’s banned in China, and that’s the only way they can play is spoofing. bNiantic supposedly started anti spoofing measures a week ago or so, And also 3rd party apps in attempt to stop bots, but that just seemdd to cause grief for IV go users. Sorry but I think I’m missing something? Thanks


People dislike their gyms getting taken away. That is pretty much it.

Also, what people don’t realise is that sooofers aren’t hindering the games development in any major way. The issue is Niantic.


No, Niantic have been trying to stop spoofing since the game first started. There have specific updates in the last months that has tried to prevent spoofing but the spoofers always find a way around it, there are new spoofing / hacking apps being developed every day and there are so many ‘how to spoof’ videos on YouTube every day.

Please do some research.


Maybe you’re right, but that seems incorrect to what I’ve seen and discussed with them. Yes it takes time to crack the iPhone app, so two of them sometimes can’t spoof, but only down for a few hours at most. Rather than anti spoofing measures, the delay just seems to come from an update in general. The other dude uses Android, and there is never a delay after updating. I’d expect a little more disruption than none at all…

I don’t doubt you’ve googled it, but these people are my friends, we’ve discussed it at length, I’ve seen it in action and it doesn’t make sense if they’ve been trying since day 1 to stop it.


Also, there are now VPN services to stop these apps from ever going down, and they (Niantic) have really only affected Android users in the unlucky minority.


You don’t have to Google Pokemon GO spoofers to know what’s going on. You only have to watch a few Mystic7 videos and follow Naintic to know what’s going on.