Old coin system, same gym system!


I purposely set up each gym I take over to be taken down so I always collect 50 coins a day. I’ll take down multiple gyms and leave Pidgeys, Ratatas, Weedles, and Caterpies to defend them. No point in leaving a good Pokemon there because it will get defeated regardless. No point in wasting resources to heal it. Just transfer it as soon as it faints. I never failed to collect 50 coins in a day.


No one ever takes down my gyms (rural life) so I have a separate account that I use to do it. I have essentially made a coin farm.

Side note: why are spoofers the cause of everything wrong in the game? It’s not always them, it is (most of the time) botters that you should hate.


Ha. Same here, I have 3 gyms in the town that gets taken down at night and 1 gym in a more rural area that never gets taken down so that’s when my second account comes in.


Botters are spoofers; it’s bsically the same thing. Spoofers are to blame because Niantic is focusing on them instead of improving and adding more features into the game.


To be honest, I think using a computer program to play for you is worse than a person using a joystick. Maybe that’s just me though.
Note: Botters are less focused on because they are the real minority in this game, but the bots are mainly used to make accounts to sell. Therefore they violate more ToS statements than Spoofers.


I understand what you are saying but they are both violating the ToS and ruining the game for everyone.


Personally, they don’t ruin the game for me (it’s a little fun knowing that these godlike players can be anywhere at anytime, adds some suspense to the game) but I see where you’re coming from.


‘God like players?’ are you serious - I’m ending this here.


I think he just meant that the bots can be extremely high level, with very little effort; and take down gyms very quickly. Omnipotent

I’m sorry if spoofers have caused frustration for you, but in my experience spoofers help. You must be in a town or city, with lots of spoofers, but that also means the spawns are better cos there’s more people / players / bots in the area. I have no problem with spoofers taking over the gyms, but the pokemon suck here. Not true for all here, there’s been a few disagreements between spoofers and older players that fought in the old gym system, but we all make up when we meet down the pub.

So it might be hard to hold a gymfor you, but at least you’re not having to buy pokebaĺls to catch the 1000th weedle.


If I’m raiding in a gym and I don’t know that there spoofers in the gym, I don’t complain because they are already there. But if spoofers say that they are going to be at a raid, I tend to avoid the raid. I’ve been in many raids where the only people that catch the legendary Pokemon are the spoofers; I know they don’t get an advantage but it’s so unfair that they are sitting at home teleporting and walking in cities around the world, while we are walking around physically.


Very good point, when it’s raining is especially the time it gets on my nerves xP

We, as in my specific group, normally wouldn’t be able to beat legendaries without a couple of spoofers; we’ve taken down 3 enteis in total and a tyrannitar once (fought many more than that) but we wouldn’t have done it without a little air support. One of the wins didn’t have air support, but that’s cos the spoofers happened to be physically there at the same time.

My biggest issue is that one of the spoofers has all the dogs, and a few of them, and he does brag a little sometimes… The others generally play normally and spoof over to help with raids if they can’t make it in time. If all spoofers were more “responsible”, they wouldn’t be noticed as much and annoy people


It is nice to have support but… I have a very similar situations. I done my first Entei raid a few weeks ago and two spoofers join our team - the both had all of the dogs already and they were the only ones to catch the Entei.


Niantic aren’t serious about stopping/banning Spoofers as anyone that got all 3 Beasts in the first week is not playing honestly and should be easy for them to identify and delete their accounts.


Which if we learned anything from the Articuno bug… means that they potentially can reduce YOUR chances of catching it, if they manage to catch it themselves.


I have been “battling” a few spoofers myself here at work for a few weeks now, and that is without any real benefit to monopolizing gyms. If he could collect an infinite number of coins… spoofers are about to increase exponentially.

Truthfully the majority of us are probably collecting more NOW on average then we were prior to the gym/coin change.

I think my max was 130 in a given day, but on average I was probably more like 30.


I thought the Maximum daily collect was 100 under the old system or could you collect more than that when first released?


Very early after the games release, you got 10 coins per Pokemon, so if you had 50 Pokémon that’s 500 PokeCoins. They changed it (I think) around mid-August.


The system gym its good, 50 coins too


I really hope they bring back the old system the stardust was SO GOOD from it


Pls no that will ruin the game for me