Niantic should Work on the Friend list format..Share your ideas!


Hi guys,As you all know,friendship contribute to the massive amount of xp we gain these days…
but still i personally feel the friendlist setup in the game is a bit buggy… crashes unexpectedly search option
3.limitation in opening gifts
4.the option for notification handling seems to be out of control
What are your thoughts on this…The function has been implemented long enough to giva a feedback…right??


I feel like a scroll, and a few bug fixes shoulf br added.

@DJNalu what about you?


I agree that it needs to be improved.


I wish there was a search option and you could open more gifts.


the indicator to show the ones whom we sent gifts for the day is useful indeed…
But what we really need to know is whether the trainer has opened our gifts or not.


Imagine a trainer with 200 friends scrolls over 19 times to see the message “your friend still has an unopened gift from you” :joy:


lack of Search option is indeed a drag!!!:cry:




You can see what people opened your gifts and if your friendship was upgraded that day or not.


yes…but it is often difficult when you have more number of friends.
But you are right it is possible!


The blue halo surrounding the player’s sprite face, informs you if your friendship was updated 4 that day or not.


i thought that was a team thing😁


anyways thanks for the info @DJNalu


Yeah, no problem.


What they should do is:

  • Add a search bar
  • Add reverse sort for names/friend level (and/or add a scroll)
  • Add sort by date added
  • Add a counter to show how many more gifts you can open
  • Make it so if the player hasn’t opened a gift yet, still show the grey arrow (since it only shows if you have given a gift that day)
  • Be able to select multiple friends at a time and send a gift to all of them (and if you select more than you have gifts, it’ll give to the first ones you selected)
  • Be able to select multiple friends at a time and open gifts they’ve given you (and if you select more than the daily limit, it’ll open the first ones you selected)


A “Send all” option so all the gifts you have in your inventory just get distributed to 10 random friends.


How about a Chat so we can communicate through the game with all the friends we have!! at least for me going to be nice. :slight_smile:


Good idea, but then that takes away the discord and fb messenger groups we established.


but in case that happens i think they will limit the number of friends that we can have…


Need to be able to hold more than 10 gifts before you have to distribute them.