Niantic should Work on the Friend list format..Share your ideas!


We need a way to contact or chat with friends so we can meet and make trades. I am almost to Best Friends with several players and have no idea who or where they are. If I want to meet them and do a trade, mhow can I make contact?


Better if you can make it send to 10 random friends who meet certain conditions, e.g.:

Not levelled up friendship that day
Not got a gift from them
Prioritise friends based on when they last levelled up. I.e. someone who last levelled up 4 days ago would be prioritised over someone who last levelled up 3 days ago.


Yeah Search Option for friends would clear all Problems and
There should be SORT for Old to new , New to Old


Nice, and welcome back!


Except removing gift limit(which i dislike as idea) its all gone


OT… anyone saw @Gary_oak? :grin:


He lost his phone in japan lol rip