Niantic Announces Detective Pikachu and Pokémon GO Cross Promotion Event |



Looks like a :poop: event. All except Snubbull and Aipom have had boosted Shiny rates in the past and I don’t see any of the evolved forms or Snorlax spawning at all.
But I knew Shiny Aipom was incoming. I was so sure of it! Others I think will be coming to PoGo very soon are Shiny Abra & Shiny Tyrogue.


At least we have something to do this month, shame it ends two days before Torchic


Time to catch Ryan Reynolds.


According to another video released by, Bulbasaur, Psyduck and Jigglypuff will have increased spawns as well.

They were mum on what Raid Bosses will be present, but Charizard and Blastoise were featured during that part of the announcement.


Jigglypuff’s Shiny variant is only obtainable by evolving a Shiny Igglybuff and the other two have had boosted Shiny rates in the past.




Shiny Aipom was just announced on the Pokemon website as well.


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Hm… I was wondering what’s next, and I completely forgot about this movie and that it could mean an event…
It might not be the best one Pokémon-wise (though - we don’t know the raid bosses yet)

But I like the fact that the Pikachu with the new hat will not spawn in the wild - more space for other spawns


So … will Mr. Mime be appearing world-wide then?




Doubt that all Pokémon from the movie will appear


Considering that many Gen 5, 6 and 7 Pokemon appeared in the trailers so far, that’s a pretty good bet.


Excluding these, of course


It better appear.


Chrales found some the new quests to be featured, and they have rather entertaining descriptions.

Those of us who have watched the trailers should know what they are asking for, but I’m tickled pink that they decided to be cheeky and “mysterious.”


Not Another Fn Piicachu for those playing at home.


It better does not, unless Europe gets something back but there’s nothing Europe can get except Kecleon at the moment.


Can’t wait untill it is 22 Pm here. (1,5 hours from now).
Cleaning out the big stash of Pika’s to kill some time.