New teams form in Pokemon GO


True, but I live in the middle of nowhere. Never an issue to begin with for me.


Not too much to say that so many games get their own cheaters.


Next update with Minor Text Fixes.


Just focus on the right point: adding new team


Yeah sorry, I got carried away. I myself wish there was more teams as it would add variety.


Rayquaza: Team Storm’s mascot.


How about team Giratina, team Kyurem and team Zygrade? They all get 2 or more forms.

Also, who says that we could only get 3 teams in Pokemon GO?


3 teams are perfect, imagine if there was like 10 teams and people just picked a specific 2-3 teams, the people in the other teams would be overpowered way too easily. Sorry, but I don’t see your idea of more teams happening. Maybe change the name of the teams, not add.


If the team’s icon is useful. Teams will be perfect. Let’s say that team Entei can only get their team icon Pokemon directly by event like GO Fest by winning the event but to get Suicune and Raikou in gym raid, it will be better.


Yeah I’m with @ShadowWolf on this one. More teams isn’t the way to go. I also see your point @EdwinFung but I don’t see Niantic doing this. It would put too much stress on the servers


Also, Mystic doesn’t force people to listen to his and TTips(and Reversal)'s opinions. The PoGo YT community is split apart, spoofers vs non-spoofers. You might think JonnoPlays is a non-spoofer, but I bet he spoofs of-cam. FSU-ATL takes things personally, he even said on his twitter once “should I savage season my way into college”, I’ll admit that’s pretty funny, but it’s below the belt. Anyways, I don’t want that YT drama shit on my conscience.

P.S. are we stuck with regular? Or is there a higher tier we can achieve. Thanks since no one is andwering me in general discussion


What do you by regular and higher?


I do think @Thorend may advise you to talk about this (spoofer and youtuber) in another topic.


I’ll talk bout it in general discussion


Guys, just stop talking about spoofing, they aren’t going anywhere


Hope you’re having a great time talk about this in my topic.


Yeah there’s already 57 comments


This is the fastest I’ve seen people commenting on one thread ever.


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Is this a good news meant to be? While I am the creator of this topic.