New teams form in Pokemon GO


I stopped talking about it. I said I was going to go to general discussion. Stop rubbing it in my face lols. I’ve been around here longer than you have, so stop replying just for the number of replies :joy::joy::joy: don’t have to get desperate chars


Let’s make it clear: 4 teams is the best. Most Mario games in big console can make the way up to 4 players. For Pokemon Sun and Moon, 4 players battle is featured in Akala Island. This is enough for Pokemon GO.


Honestly and sadly, some youtubers claimed that Pokemon series will be the worst of all Nintendo series. One of their point is Pokemon GO.

ProtoMario stated that the 15 reasons Pokemon franchise is becoming the worst and Pokemon GO is in 15th place.


Guys, this forum is for having discussions about Pokémon GO, not bringing up every controversial topic there is and dividing each other.


Alright. I’d apologize for my controversial wording in my post.


It’s ok, just remember to stay on topic from now on. And this goes for everyone, not just you.


It’s so easy to go off topic on forums like this. I will try and control myself ( sounds
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You won’t be banned for speaking your opinions. You are civil and well spoken, especially given that English is not your first language. I may not agree with some of your opinions but neither me or any other moderators will ban you for expressing your ideas.

Our job is to keep conversations friendly, keep out profanity and to keep the forums relatively free of clutter and duplicate threads, not to ban people for having different opinions.


You’re a open-minded person. Thx @Thorend.


The point of the new system is that you and your team should put in good Pokémon, feed then berries and that the strong team should discourage others from taking it. It’s supposed to build teamwork. Putting in bad Pokémon is a choice made by trainers who are rightfully upset by the system.

Niantic needs to adjust the rewards, still keep a daily coin cap but allow each Pokémon to collect for every day in a gym.


You are right, I do advise to keep please keep to the topic.


The point I was trying to make is that before th rework, you wanted a Pokémon to stay in a Gym for weeks at a time. Now, if it’s in for anything over 8 hours it’s bad as you get no coins. In order to truly capitalise on this system, you need average/bad Pokémon in gyms.


I have been thinking that maybe someone would have chosen the wrong team which is different from their mind or dislike teams with the 3 legendary birds.


Tgere are people with legitimate reasons who want to change teams but letting those people switch opens a can of worms. Everyone who wanted to switch would join mystic and it would break the system.


Maybe until gen 5 we will not get team Mystic. Also for gen 3 we may get an innovative team as a green team will be introduced. (team for Rayquaza) If I’m able to choose team, I will absolutely be in team Rayquaza.


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I disagree. Why change what isnt even relevant, let alone already perfect? Originals should stay as mascots IMO. However… A secret easter egg team for factionless players that make it to lv 40 would be epic. Lugia would be the obvious grey mascot to represent harmony and neutrality. Also a nod to Pokemon movie 2000