New teams form in Pokemon GO


Thx for your sympathy. But just look at the topic ‘Old Gym System, New Coin System’ and ‘players with disabilities’, a groups of people stand against spoofers that straight. I created the account is for expressing my opinion on several topics but not being banned by others.

I don’t want to be the 2nd Bane.:cry:


I know, but if you look at the end you can see some of us questioning their ideas and getting no response.
Bane just got removed for swearing really, and he was called a spoofer for swearing.
Go Hub also stated that 50-60% of the player base spoof or bot the game. This means that we all need to tolerate them, because they aren’t leaving.


Yeah I don’t speak improper language even for Cantonese. However I afraid of @Thorend banning me just bcz of different stance.


The key is to be neutral on things like spoofing. If you want bonus points, say how evil they are. People don’t like different opinions because they listen to Mystic’s opinion.


Are they being brainwashed by the most popular Pokemon GO Youtuber like Mystic7, Reversal and TrainerTips?
If so, I will introduce WillWillFunHouse to you guys who knows Cantonese. He is also neutral on spoofers.


Yes they are brainwashed because they are the main PoGo players. Also, Jonno Plays is a youtuber with a neutral stance who got a lot of hate for a devilish act. He gave a GoFest code to someone else.


Great trainer @JoshHack. We’re on the same ship. I don’t know why they think the Pokemon world can only be rather black or white. Neutral (grey) is the best.


Yeah to the infamous FSUATL. The scummiest youtuber out there. He takes clickbaiting to all new levels, he hosts fake giveaways, he posts tutorials on how to cheat and he harrasses people


Mystic harassed him first, the giveaways aren’t fake (won $10.00 from one). I can’t explain thhow clickbaiting, but look at Mystic’s titles “The first Legendary” then “what happens if you use a ditto”. Everyone does clickbaiting.


Are you focus on the wrong things? Don’t talk about the border youtuber of 2 sides.


Sorry it’s just how I feel about FSUATL. He lies to his viewers. He said he lives rural but you can clearly see he lives in the city.


@leonk98 also, at least Fsu leaves his tweets up, not like Mystic who removes them after 10 minutes. Also, look at how Reversal harassed Jonno. That’s ok, is it?


The Pokemon GO community is painted in black as in YouTube.


No it’s not, I just think he shouldn’t have gave it to FSU


Guys, I wish the game would go back to normal where lots of people played and the community wasn’t divided


Nintendo is successful, Pokemon GO is a loser.

Like how Nintendo give us surprise in Super Mario Odessey.


There is actually nothing wrong with spoofers for me but there used to with the old coin system. Niantic did well with this new system because now spoofers aren’t bothered anymore.


No one really is bothered anymore because there is no challenge. Just chuck a pidgey in, BAM 50 coins. It’s a pointless system.


It’s funny that people wish to get a re-rework gym system. Meaningless.

If this really going to happen, will we get re-re-rework system ?


Yeah, the new system definitely has its flaws but it also holds on spoofing in big cities.