New Gyms Added - Discussion


Your ingress overlords thank you for your tears!!! Muhwahaha! Also i love getting new stops and gyms from my work, it makes both games feel way more personal!


@Mapman42 And @Coffeeking13 how many stops are near where you live? Or work?


Never seen more than 20 players in 2 years where I live…


If you ever look up sylva nc on… In? Ingress. Prob 20 to 30 portals and pokestops. I have been using s2 cell info to get around 8 or so pokestops added to my nice downtown area. Over all 50ish in the game total, its been awesome, plus reviewing 1750 or so portals for everyone in opr…OPR. I love both games.


About 50 combined in a vaguely walkable distance


Maybe 1 day in my street a Pokéstop/Gym will come

It has already been requested


Its a 30km zone too😃


So it’s within 30km of You?


I can get people in my area to Lvl 4 in ingress 1-2 hours! Seriously, I’ve done it multiple times. I’m Lvl 16 and have submitted portals. I submitted 6 today.


No. It is in my street.


@pokemon In the Netherlands we have slow speed zones. Those zones have a speedlimit of 30 km/h or 18,6 mp/h.
There is also what we call a “woonerf” or in English “residential area”. There is the speedlimit 15 km/h or 9,3 mp/h/

And back on topic:
I haven’t seen new stops or gyms in my area, an just one new stop in The Hague. What day were they added?


That’s madness. Here in narrow village streets it’s 35km/h and in normal residential streets 50km/h

A couple weeks ago I had reports from my friends in the next town that 3 new gyms and 4 new stops appeared.


I hope there’s a gym at my house


Thank you for helping him with that,I didnt know that,so i did not know how i could tell him.:smiley:


New stop!!




In my town


So how many stops now?




Then that’s really big! Is it the closest?