New Gyms Added - Discussion


Its quite far


But is it now added to your walking route?


My Cd route
But im going to Urban place for eevee CD to grind stardust


Both days? I want to go to the commons.


I haven’t got any new pokestops in the last few weeks.


I got one.


I have never gotten a new stop near me, well I Iive in a city of 15 million people so stops are everywhere else not in my area.




And 2 more gyms added


My regional city has 76 gyms, but I can only see 1 of them from my home.


did a quick count and my city now has 67 gyms. At least 30 of those are 2018-new


Mine has only gained 7 this year so far from 69 up to 76, 1 of them was my doing.


I didnt know we had that many gyms :astonished::smirk:


154 and counting :slight_smile:


0 and counting :sob::cold_sweat:


I am guessing @Lingyujie has 200 + gyms


My house downstairs have hawker centre there have 3 gyms and at entrance have 1 gym


:heart_eyes: And your home has 2 stops :heart_eyes:


I still have only 2 gyms
Got a new pokestop tho several months ago


You want 0, like me? :stuck_out_tongue: