New Gyms Added - Discussion


New Gyms?
Where i live, there is a blank region for pókemons, no wild for 1km. The nearest pókestop is over 2km away and the nearest gym is over 5km away. When i started playing, i thought that there would be something there, since it´s nearby a path that people use to walk and bycle. But there´s nothing. It´s just a 5km walk into the nearest village, where there are 2 gyms and 4 pokestops. Entering the town (10km away) there are over 20 gyms and 100 or more pokestops, some of them where i can stay in the middle and have both active. So, the ones that live outside urban areas will be, always, doomed.


Well, tell your local Ingress community then to stop submitting portals. Means the rest of us who actually want new stuff get their submissions checked faster.


you are still taking my post too serious…


Yes, keep saying 1 thing and mean something opposite. makes so much sense. especially in written text that doesnt convey tone.

How else to interperate this then that you do NOT want more gyms?


Put it this way.

Some have nothing and wish to have more. Others have and don’t even want.

The latter will complaine and have a right to, while the other should just be quiet and enjoy their luxurious city.

:man_shrugging:t5: i didnt get anything, wouldnt of known anyone got anything if it wasnt for this forum. Oh well to both sides​:man_shrugging:t5:


I’ve got 4 new Gyms close to home (2-5mins by car) and around a dozen new Pokestops to go with them. 3 are all in new housing development areas around where I live that have all gone up in the last 6yrs.
Some others within 5-10min have also appeared in the last week. None of these fit the Ex eligible criteria unfortunately.
A new Gym 15mins from home does fit the Ex criteria so that is our Groups target this week now. We’ve triggered 4 old existing Gyms that have not had Ex Raids previously over the last 6 weeks. The other 2 were a second time trigger after we set it off the first time.


I’ve only had 2 new gyms get introduced to my town in the past month and they are still hotly contested. Each team is trying to get gold badges at them because we all have gold badges at the surrounding gyms.


But how close are they to you, including the new ones


Why don’t you get ingress?


problem with ingress it takes roughly the same time to get to 10 level (required for POI submission) as it takes to get to level 35 in PoGo. And that was before Niantic started giving out XP like it’s nothing.

Knowing that a POI submission system is coming to PoGo, why spend that much time on a second game?
And i assume if you want to get new stops because you’re rural, playing Ingress in rural areas doesn’t help either.

Also, playing 2 mobile games at the same time that require so much time isn’t good for you aswell :smile:


And now another gym has appeared…


I dont have a problem with more gyms appearing, but rather that too many pokestops are turned to gyms in my area. We had enough gyms, now we have more but less stops, meaning less quest oppurtunities.


Impossible. Stops dont turn into gyms by themselves, only when a 2nd, 6th and 20th object (stop + gyms) is added. So if you have a stop turn into a gym, you also have a new stop nearby.


We got a new Pokestop from local Ingress players yesterday. Too bad it’s on the other side of town.


After 3 months of playing i was lvl 3 in ingress


Nearby me, 1 pokestop turned into a Gym (and the name of the place is wrong), 2 pokestop showed up, one right down the road from the gym and another one on a local square.
On the road to the beach, nothing new… for 7.4km.


just got reports from our ingres players a few new stops have been approved and at least 1 new gym should show up. It just keeps getting better :wink:


You are soo lucky!:grinning::grinning::grinning::smiley: Congrats on the new gym!


Still 2 gyms and 5 stops…


I got a new gym from a new pokestop slightly further up.