New Comers To The Forum


Hey im new to the forum and i dont see a topic for new comers to the forum. All are welcomed amd i camt wait to meet new friends from the forum and make a few new friends for the game. All are welcome to send me friend request. Also last legendary i caught was the Legendary Dog Suicune.


Welkome! How are you doing?


Dont worry about my profile picture. There is a team rocket fan event going on at the moment and my picture is Blaine now. Will be my normal picture soon lol


Hi. Welcome.:slight_smile:


Thanks i will post my friend code if anybody wants to add me


Im fine brother and yourself.


We have a thread for that. :wink:


Ok didnt know that but now i do i will def check it out.


Last caught from raids??


Doing great. My school just ended for today


Welcome dude hope you stay awhile


Nah i got it for throwing 20 great throws i think


That souns great


Sure will brother


Glad to have you join the group @Figgaroni , and thanks for introducing yourself.


Welcome to the forum. Very glad to have you!


Suicune has only been availavle from field research and raids, and since you havent played In better than a year, I imagine you raided him…not exactly sure where you got 20 greats from


Thanks alot glad to have so many welcoming trainers


Than maybe it was from a research but it wasnt a raid im sure of it cuz i havent done a raid since last year summer when i was most active


Thanks alot brother glad to be here