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Thank you also put friend code up there if anyone wants to add me gonna go for a round ( my way of saying gonna go play and walkin around) soon. Lol


Yeah, suicune was available from research breakthroughs in september (I think) of 2018, but you throwing greats might have been the final task to get your stamp for the breakthrough…if not, suicune was in raids almost a year before the research so you probably got it then.

When were you most active, summer 2018 or 2017??


I thought it was Chimechow lol


Idk but i caught it and honestly i looked up a forum for friends and help because with all the new updates im lost but im puttin in work from here on out and im on level 24 which im proud of because when i started back i was on 21 and in less than 3 weeks im im 24 closer to 25 as far as my level. Im in new york in the snow walkin around gaining some respect lol for my pkmn. Listening to 80s music by myself and its working for me and im glad there is community now because there wasnt when i was doing it before so thank you to the forum and all the trainers who are really down right now. Back to my mission. Lets Go Catch Em All!!!


Hmm lol


Welcome, always good to have new member


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There is a mega thread to post your friend code in and welcome


Welcome @Diana72