My ideas to improve Pokémon GO - Kevin_v_Hoften


That doesn’t change the fact that you have them there


There is just nowhere for me
I live in themiddle of nowhere
I actually need to travel at least 2 hours flr a chance for a legendary


Again, you said that you have 2 gyms near you


That are the only ones and they are in 500m range


And 500m is pretty close…


Lol the closest gyms to my house are a mile away. And they are kinda far apart, and you have to cross a HUGE street to get to the other 3.


But behind that theres nothing


Now on topic please?


It is in topic
Its an discussion about your idea




@Kevin_v_Hoften has good idea and I am sorry that you see no use in the Training system, I will explain to you why it is good. Why do you think training was bad? For example, it could restore motivation of the pokemon in the gyms when you beat them, and you could get xp! And before, you could get xp for hours even if you owned the gym.


Yeah but it costed super rare items


Like potions? Gifts solved THAT issue


I only get pokeballs form gifts…


Well then your gifts are broken. After a few days of opening and sending gifts I had 50 max potions.


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