My ideas to improve Pokémon GO - Kevin_v_Hoften


It does, it means that you can see where the raids are without having to go there first


You can see from 1km distence


Yes, but if I want to go to a particular raid, then chances are that wouldn’t be in 1km of my home. If I had to go to a different town to check if there was a raid there then that would be a waste of time if there wasn’t one there. It’s the same reason why I actually think that Gym Huntr isn’t cheating. It’s used to find raids outside of your town. Niantic sells more raid passes and we get more raids.


Sorry for disliking your idead but this will only make the game worse for rurals


I don’t see how…


It will make it easier to get legends for urbans
Which will lower there value


I don’t see how that would have an effect on rural players


That EVERYONE has a legendary except rurals
And other tier 4 raids
And that will make it harder for rurals


That only effects other people,not rurals…


Thats what i mean
It makes it easier for everyone except rurals


How do other people who have lots of legendaries affect people who don’t have that many


It would improve the game for rural players surely @KingQ07 because it means that in places without discord groups etc people can still find out where raids are in their area.


There arent even gyms in my area except my 2 lolcal gyms


Urbans taking over rural gyms and golden razzing it
Rurals cant resist maxed 100iv blissey,chansey,snorlax


That’s a worry but holding gyms for long time isn’t beneficial any more. The urban players are better off staying in their area where they can get higher level gym badges.


That doesn’t mean you can’t do raids there


There is no “there” for me


You said there were 2 gyms near you…


Yeah i can see them on my map but outside my town is no “there”


I gave a “10”