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Training comes back

As first,What i should LOVE is that the gym battle
sytstem changes to the old one,OR you could be able to train again.

a chat system
They could make a Chat System like in Ingress.If this happens,they could make a system and make a Pokémon GO Group(like in Whatsapp but with no admins).This would improve the game.

Voting for the new Events/Legendarys

I would like it if you can vote in the game for legendarys(like whats next) and you could vote for the next events and stuff.

Gym/raid scanner

I would like it too if you can see WHERE and how late a raid will hatch(you can see it at your gym badges).

Make Friend System for everyone

I really would like it if they make the friend
system for everyone.

Pokémon GO Scanner

And this probably wont happen,but maybe a scanner on Pokémon GO.

These are my ideas!:grinning:

What number do you give to the ideas?


Well, I LOVED the training system, so sad it was taken out. Not askin for the old system, but could be an added bonus.

I do like your idea of voting, but this could be quite hard and people could exploit the system so we have the same raids over and over and over again. I personally like new events to be a surprise, and for the reason above I don’t think it would work.

The idea and the mechanics of your third idea are already in game ( kinda ). You can see if a raid is in progress if you have a mon in a gym that the raid is on. But maybe a tiered system : bronze, you can see tiers 1 and 2 at raids by looking in your badge case, silver, tiers 1,2,3 and 4, and a gold badge would allow you to see all raids in eggs and in action at that gym.

A scanner? Very, very unlikely, as it ruins the idea of the game, but maybe in the nearby bar, in addition to the Pokéstop Pokémon and raid list, there would be a system that shows you wild Pokémon and how far away they are, with priorities to rare and uncaught mons, similar to the footprint system when the game first started.

Overall I think your ideas are great :+1: , but not all of them would help the game progress at its current rate.

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I deeply miss the old training system. I wish they would just bring that back, but just restrict the gyms to only one pokemon of each species, like it is now. That way, we don’t have the all-blissey gyms, but still a little more of a challenge, and a use for weaker pokemon to train the gyms up.


I would just like a way to battle our own gyms.
I honestly don’t mind if it has no purpose but it means that challenges like
Whoever can beat a 4000 slaking faster using only pokemon they caught today wins
would still work without you having to hunt for another gym. The pokemon could regain motivation mildly from it, much like feeding it a single berry. However it would be good to finally be able to get my training badge to gold. (mine is silver)


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Lol i don’t know how that happened


Im sorry and dont take this to personal but i dont see any use in your ideas.

  1. We already have a in game raid tracker
  2. Training was a waste of potions and had no use.
  3. Niantic releases legendarys in the same way as in the dex. First gen 1 then 2…


I mean like at the gym badges you can see how late a raid will hatch


I want training back. It doesn’t cost potions but has no additional effect.


Does that has any use?
Why dont you just look at your map?


I think the idea is that you can see them from your badge case. Am I right, @Kevin_v_Hoften ?


Why dont you just look sround on your map?


Yup you are right


Since when we had an in game tracker?i think you mean like the nearby on raids


Not exactly but you can look around on the map


You mean a way to see raids further than the map I believe


That has no use…


So you could see a raid egg at a gym but you could b quite far away eg in a local park that you can’t see on the map and is a bus ride away


How does it not have a use?