(my first) best friend


26 more days till fourth best friend


2 days until my second one.


Doing Gym battles with my best friend every morning is awesome. You can tell the difference in the attack bonus.


Just became best friends with @Thorend and two others. +620k exp! Only 460K to go for level 40
[edit] after Some evolves i only need 440 K exp


Thanks to @Jormdeworm and @Brobraam for coordinating with me on lucky eggs. It’s cool that even though an ocean separates us we share this common interest and are able to help each other with the game.

While I do have mixed feelings about the huge amounts of XP they give out I truly believe the friendship feature is on of the best additions to the game.


The friendship thing is awesome. Probably the only reason my son and I communicate with each other.


:joy: no talking before it?


My first best friend hasn’t opened my last gift so i’m his and he’s not mine yet, no medal for me :man_facepalming:t4: @Pokemon 5 more days your tied with someone but if your active you might come first :smiling_imp::eyes:


I didnt open gift! :sob: sorry :sob: I forgot avout “friends” yesterday :cry:


He finally opened mine now i got a best friend medal.


oh thats good I thought it was me :joy::+1:


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Send gift or open mine then :smirk:




Today me and @Pokemon are best friends. He is my first. In 3 day @Brobraam will be, and in 6 days @Jormdeworm too.


Great! Are you close to level up?


Just 4 k to go.


Catch like 8 pokemon, you have lucky egg on!


I will be Best Friends with @MrHeineken88 and @Mew1 in 6 days.


Not going outside. Still in bed all day long. Got a heavy case of the flu.