(my first) best friend


My first Best Friend in this forum will be @Pokemon
40 more days


My son will be my first Best Friend in 9 days.




@MLIZM2412 might be second best friend in forum


We get to be Best Friends this morning on first gym battle we do on the way to school. He will Level up at same time.



My first best friend was a man from our raid group (they guy with the four accounts). My husband is still jealous, but it’s not my fault when he doesn’t open his gifts :wink:


Once your best friend, do you get more items from them?


You can still send gifts for items, but your friendship level won’t increase any more. The attack bonus during gym battles and the extra balls during raids are nice.


It does not seem to get more items from best friend



my best friends @Jormdeworm and @beales.com still send gifts and I still return gifts to them


I haven’t sent a gift to my son since we became best friends but we do gym battles and raids together on my days off, so all is good.


Yeah i was wondering if people would still gift once maxed friendship. Not much incentive after you get all alolan. Maybe soon they will add more items.


:joy::joy::joy: I’ve been seriously slack because I’ve been preparing for a work conference. You should start to get more presents from Thursday my time. Plus I like the km trades the eggs give me!


I still send Gifts to my best friends, but only when I still have some. I always send Gifts to Ultra/Great friends first. However, I guess I will add six more friends when I have six best friends, so it could be possible that the Best Friends will receive less gifts. I’ll still gift to them, though.


We are literally on opposite sides of the world


Do you have another friend that far??


Nope. Only other person is a cousin in North Carolina.


but that’s closer :joy:



My first will be in 49 days, it will be a nice Xmas gift lol


13 more days until my 2nd Best Friend.