(my first) best friend


I have 2 best friends. They are Jessie and James. :rocket: :smiley_cat:


Oh I had that last year I’m sorry you have it just relax




@Jormdeworm, maybe we can do it during the special bonus time next weekend.


Same with me?


Yes sir, @Pokemon


I just got my 2nd best friend. Used a lucky egg and then evolved a bunch of monsters during the remaining 30 minutes. Got almost a quarter million XP on 1 egg.


Got the 200k, you?


Yes, right on time


@Pokemon and I became best friends today! He’s my first best friend from this forum. If anyone else wants to become my friend let me know.


I do (only have @Pokemon as a friend on forum)


I recently became friends with @Jormdeworm and @Mew1 but I’m Ultra Friends with @5GodLink, @Cup, and @Pokemon. I’m sure there is more though.


My first best friend was a player from Japan can’t spell her name though it’s got like 15 letters


How do you know it’s her then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I have a few friends that use female avatars and then met them in real life at raids and was like, huh?


The megathread is the worst thing I ever created I know what you mean


Yeah. All those notifications of all these people :joy:


Before the update to Pogo everyday I would login I had to wait about 5 minutes for the notifications to stop popping up saying so-and-so wants to be your friend so and so wants to be your friend it was terrible


Then why didn’t you change your code?


You can do that