More stardust from gyms


Once you get your 50 coins for the day. Stardust should be rewarded for hours in gym.

1 hour - 1,000 dust
2 hours - 1,500 dust
3 hours - 2,000 dust
4 hours - 2,500 dust
5 hours - 3,000 dust

Maxing at 5 hours per gym

It takes about 8 hours to get 50 coins
The other 5 hours per gym will give up to 3K dust. Once your Pokemon is kicked out the gym it wont get same amount of dust.

After kicked out that gym if you go back to reclaim the gym

1 hour - 500 dust
2 - 1000
3 - 1500
4 - 2000
5 - 2500

Giving trainers a better reward to fight in gyms and take gyms even after receiving 50 coins.

What yall think? any things to change?

  • Yes, more stardust
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Thats to much stardust
  • Maybe a different reward instead of dust

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Is there gym etiquette?

I can get in several gyms. But the coin limit stops me from wanting to take them all down. So I would gladly accept this feature. I am also quite low on stardust, so it would help with trading too


With the stardust reward it helps trading. Makes gym turn over happen more. Brings reason to fight a gym even after you get your daily coins.

I love gym battling but i want more incentives, with this implemented we do just that.

edit - Also this forces you to go to new gyms for the better rewards of dust. Remember if you go to the same gym the dust amount decreases. Would be a challenge to get double 5 hours after your 50 coins!

Daily Tasks not research
Pokemons at gyms should get paid at midnight

any discussion?:smiling_imp:


True, I do agree. Now I can stop with 4 a 5 gyms a day. 50 coins are for me.

With your suggestion, people get more eager to fight for gyms. More activity. Great!
I do think that the reward shouldn’t be that high. Maybe ‘just’ 200 dust for an hour.


It’s that high to give more incentive to actually go to a gym and be in it for such a longer length.

200 is almost unnoticeable cause the 2nd wave would be cut in half.


200 dust is very reasonable and considering if you hold say 5 gyms for 5 hours each thats a good 5k dust. This can get outta hand very fast for rural people who stay in gyms for a very long time. Therefore stardust starts losing its value and just becomes a negligible thing. I would be fine with say a 5k stardust cap a day like there is a coins cap.


I can assure you that this would make all gym in my area turn yellow just to max out the 20 Pokemon I want to lol


I think after you get your 50 coins for the day, you should get stardust for any other monsters that get sent back to you. The amount of dust you receive should correspond with the amount of time it spent defending the gym. It kind of sucks when you get a monster back that spent 2 weeks in a gym but you get nothing because you already got your 50 coins. Kind of like when you start getting a bunch of monsters sent home 30 minutes before midnight.


as i voted previously, the idea is good, but the amount of stardust is way too high. 3k stardust for keeping a gym 5 or more hours after the initial 50 coins? and another 2,5k dust after reclaiming it fast?
That is way way way too much and very easily abusable. I got home yesterday with 9 gyms defending, 7 fell before midgnight and i already had my coins for the day. By your standard that would have meant approx 21k dust at and average of 3 hours defending. Kinda OP ain’t it?

remember the good ol’ days when we got 5k stardust when collecting and you had 10 gyms?
that by any means should always be the cap. And even then i still feel like it’s a little too much.

why not keep it simple: 1 stardust per minute, like coins have 1 per 10 minutes and a cap of 5000. Keeping a gym for 5 hours then will ‘only’ give 300 stardust but it’s still better nothing or 5000 dust :smile:
Balanced and still rewarding enough IMO.

again: like the idea, but too much stardust.


I like the idea better of 200 stardust per hour per gym but with no limit. A gym that lasts for 24 hours returns 4800 stardust. The coins would act as normal but the stardust would not wait for the coins. So after 60 minutes you have 6 coins and 200 stardust. If you take 10 gyms for a week each you see 330.000 stardust. Still a lot but probably fair considering the length of time. However, the worry is urban players flooding rural, low level areas for stardust, like they used to with coins.


The worry is spoofers flooding inaccessible gyms for insane lengths of time. There was a gym on the Korean DMZ. Niantic removed it but it does ask the question, where else are there inaccessible or nonsensical gym locations where spoofers could put pokemon for a year, and teleport back on another account. After 1 year of 1 gym, you would have 1.750.000 stardust. That’s insane and feels balanced and it would encourage gym turnover to an extent, but spoofers could still cause problems.


no cap on stardust to be gained = abuse


Don’t need stardust to be high at all. Just a little something when your monster gets sent back empty handed. I wouldn’t even care if it was same amount you get when you catch a Pokemon.


I really like this idea it would be so helpful! Someone should email Niantic


@Mapman42 were you the one who emailed @Yoshi and @Dinsara92 's ideas to Niantic those months back?


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No i believe that was @Elevatorisbest


Since trading cost dust this would be the best thing since a Pokeball


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