More Eeveelutions



Bug type


Beeleon for bug


Those fighting and flying types names sounds so nice I actually want it to be implemented!


Here’s a bug (type Eeveelution).




Lol im using that site for ages


That’s an interesting website :+1:


Imagine an exclusive new Eevee for Cday. Niantic would win the universe.


Mega Eevee is coming, trainers. What could this mean?


they said that?


No it’s just a joke :rofl:


Ground: Seismeon
Rock: Bouldreon
Steel: Metaleon
Dragon: Draceon
Poison: Venomeon
Fighting: Karateon
Bug: Insecteon
Ghost: Hexeon
Flying: Skyeon


Evee names I’ve thought of:





Ground: Terreon?
Rock: Litheon?
Fighting: Champeon! :slight_smile:
Ghost: Spectreon?
Poison: Toxeon?
Flying: Aireon? Ptereon? Aveon?
Steel: Ferreon?
Dragon: ?
Bug: Myrmideon?
Normal: Eeveeon


‘Champeon’ :joy::joy:
I love that one.


Toxeon is good


Areon is so close to Aron lol


Don’t think that will stop them naming a Pokemon.

They named a Pokemon “Type: Null”… That is a name with no inspiration what so ever.

And they named a lot of Pokemon similar. I know that those related to each other or in a evolution line. So I think that won’t be problem either.