More Eeveelutions



Come up with some names for more Eevee types. These are the types of Eevee we do not have at the moment:

ground / rock
poison / bug


There’s also no fighting type Eevee


will add to list thanks.

come on trainers drop your Eevee names for these types. I suck at names haha


Spookeon, or Hareon for the Fighting type


Steel -
ghost - Terroreon.
flying - Flyyeon
dragon -
ground / rock - Boldeon
poison / bug - Stingreeon


Maybe Knockeon for Fighting type


Reason we don’t have these cause they don’t got names??? or designs? loool just a little humour. These names are hardd to come up with.


Aireon for Flying


Sludgeon for poision


@Jormdeworm realized that right away, huh? :wink:

But maybe Buzzeon?


I forgot about Espeon lol.


I barely realized the post was there before you deleted it…


steel - Krypteon


Steel - Ferriteon (derived from Ferrite, Iron)
ghost - Yureon (derived from Yūrei, the Japanese word for ghost)
flying - Hikeon (derived from Hikō, the Japanese word for flying)
dragon - Dorageon (derived from the Japanese word for dragon)
ground / rock - Kakogeon (derived from Kakōgan, the Japanese word for granite)
poison / bug - Areon (derived from Ari, the Japanese word for ant)
fighting - Aikideon (derived from Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art)


I like your effort. That dragon name sounds perfect.


Someone’s been doing some research!


@5GodLink woke my inner Nerd. :rofl:

Knowing that a lot the Japanese names of the Pokemon are using the same principals.
“Take the word dat describes the Pokemon and makes something that sounds good” (Yes I know, there is more to it, but that can be found on Bulbapedia and others)


Wouldnt be surprised if thats how it will work out. Or they’ll adjust them a little.


just go take a look at Pokemon etymology. :wink:

Just type CTRL + F: “Japan” :crazy_face:


It could be just me but I don’t understand this one :sweat_smile: