More Eeveelutions




All of the current eevelutions are not very good in the meta, with the best one being in UU in smogon tiering. The future ones won’t be good, unless the flying one gets aerilate. We definitely won’t get dual type eeveelutions. I do not want to analyse the future ones for Pokemon go because they may never come out and there will be a ton of new features when they would come out (if they do.) Maybe gen 8 will introduce more


We didnt need sylveon but we got it :man_shrugging:t5: anything is possible especially with ideas being scarce


I would guess steel type Eevee evolution if gen 8 introduces a eeveelution


Got a name for it?


Idea related to the pictures posted above: The eeveelutions we already have get another evolution with an extra type.


No sir, I’m terrible at coming up with names, I’ll leave that to the more creative people