Meltan Quest Challenge


Another special quest? Another challenge!

You know how it goes, finish firsr and post your reward earn bragging rights to the Meltan Race.

Lets Go!


im on part 3

ugh ditto. good luck everyone!


There’s a quest that rewards a Ditto. You encounter it as Pidgey.


I’m still on Part 1.


I just randomly caught a ditto (Not seen one since they appeared ad Meltan) so their spawn rate might be higher at the moment.

Unfortunately I’m still on the first level of the quest.


Ditto spawns will probably be upped because of quest. My son is still working on Spiritomb quest.


Not fair, the Meltan quest came during (almost) nighttime for me…



Nice. I’m going to try today.






yes sir


I’m in no hurry to finish this. I like doing the quests.


And the only way to catch it is by means of that box that can be acquired when you send Meltan to Let’s Go? 400 candies to evolve whew!


@5GodLink How many KM to walk it to earn candies?


Getting closer


Shinx is my buddy, so that stage will take forever. And no, I’m not going to change my buddy just to complete quest faster. I’m also going to do all 10 raids to try to win.


So fast you are a beast


I changed it to Pidgey for the Meltan Quest. After that, Shinx will be my buddy again


F Pidgey. I just got another quest to evolve 2 more of them. I play enough that I can get the distance for Sphinx candy. I’m about to take my dogs for a walk to earn that distance. We got snow 2 days ago so I’m a little behind in my weekly rewards.