Meltan Quest Challenge


I just wanted to do that as soon as possible. 1 Shinx Candy = 5 Pidgey Candy. + I wasted all my Pidgey Candy while trying to get shiny Caterpie.


20 lol!




suppose to get candy from let go pikachu/eevee :man_shrugging:t5:


How about someone like me who don’t have a Let’s Go? Maybe I’ll just let it go… :grin:


you do what i am doing and walk it. Or spend rare candy👀


I think the way you get candy is unfair to people who don’t have lets go (like me)


Even if I got 50 candies a week from catching Meltans from the Switch, which you can only do once a week, it would still take 8 weeks to get enough.


Finally got Cubone. Now I only have to hunt on Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep & Anorith, but that’s a lot easier. I think I’ll get my Meltan today or tomorrow.


Just caught another two Cubone😑
Edit: Another one has just popped up.


Lol i think u just got that from lets go (JK)


Got 1 Anoroth from a research task, but still need 1 more. Also still need 2 Omanyte or Kabutos


lol don’t even have a switch.



I’m down to the last task…


Caught 1 Omanyte this morning… still missing another one (or a kabuto).
Have the quest for 10 ice but, don´t live anywhere near there´s snow. :tired_face:
Still searching for the one that asks for level 3 raid win or to find some Omanyte or Kabuto nearby.