Lunar New Year Event!


Probably coming around Febuary 5th I think…
Last year was dogs, will this year be cats? What bonus do you think there will be?


Maybe dogs again along with shiny Electrike?


It will be pigs. It’s the year of the pig.


That is what I actually thought, too, but there are so little pigs in the game. And Swinub is already getting a Community Day.


Yes, not many pigs. But they can increase spawns of Spoink and Swinub and give us shiny Spoink and Grumpig.


That is true.


Odds are we will get a Shiny Spoink, but I hope another bonus will happen as well.


If only the tepig line was in pokemon go, if THAT got released, everyone would be going crazy for that epic shiny.


Spoink is annoying to catch


Pigs because it is the Chinese year of the pig, if i am not mistaken


Pigs eat acorns so maybe there will be increased Seedot spawns.


It’s live now, and it’s ALL the years, but Spoink gets a nod with a new Shiny as it’s the Year of the Pig.

Here’s the list of what’s spawning more often:

Rattata (Year of the Rat)
Ekans (Year of the Snake)
Mankey (Year of the Monkey)
Ponyta (Year of the Horse)
Electabuzz (Year of the Tiger)
Dratini (Year of the Dragon)
Mareep (Year of the Sheep)
Miltank (Year of the Ox)
Torchic (Year of the Rooster)
Poochyena (Year of the Dog)
Spoink (Year of the Pig)
Buneary (Year of the Rabbit)

Also, we have 2x Catch and Evolution XP, in addition to increased chance of Lucky Pokemon in all trades.


Rattata - Meh
Ekans - Meh
Mankey - I’ve got a ton of Candy that I want to evolve back down
Ponyta - wont say no to more Blue Shiny
Electabuzz - no harm getting more Candy or a another 100%
Dratini - can never have enough Dratini Candy
Mareep - meh
Miltank - meh
Torchic - wont notice an increase as already get lots of these
Poochyena - more Golden Dog is ok
Spoink - will get sick of Pig on a Spring real quick i think
Buneary - sick of seeing these already


It will be an evolution-happy time for me. Might as well capitalize on the XP gain, even though I’m level 40 already.


What a great event!


May I ask why you have 491 Pokéballs? :joy:


@Pokemon sure has his pokeballs stock back up fast


I’ve run into a lot of Charmanders and Growliths today.


I’m beginning to wonder if Pokemon of similar animal-types are also getting a boost. I’ve seen Growlithe, Seviper and even Larvitar so far.


What is Larvitar similar to?