Lunar New Year Event!


I’m guessing dragons since Tyranitar reminds me of dragonkin.


I’m totally psyched to get more Dratini – but more so about the chance to capture several Palkia if I can. Can always stand to catch a few more Spoink, too. And the shinies that are part of this event are welcome.

With the staples coming out of my gut the day after tomorrow and the surgeon likely to clear me for driving Friday, the weekend appears poised to be a happy resumption of the game. I plan to raid like a madman and do a lot of catching up on gift swapping.


Glad I decided to get out of work on time in order to get to a locacation 30min from home and 1hr from work before the gates shut in order to take back 2 Gyms I lost on Saturday then couldn’t get back into Sunday due to the gates being locked for a Total Fire Ban day.
Found this guy at the entrance Gates :grinning:


That’s after deleting 40 a day lol and I have 3000 great balls and 130 ultra balls


You should catch a lot of Pokémon during this event! :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you mean 300?
3000 is impossible




The Lunar event should have a Lunatone raid…


but its regional


I find it useful to have many balls…when I was at work over the summer, I would stock up on weekends—4 or 500 combined balls, and after go plusing everything at the SIX spawnpoints in my costco, I would be down to like 30


It changed??


I throw away more healing items than balls


As raid boss, both Solrock and Lunatone used to appear at the same region, I soloed them one after another when they were raid bass last time


I’m in a solrock but last month I had Lunatone raids… Should be in this event though.


Haven’t seen Electabuzz yet, the one I want…



All im seeing is



Thats awesome


I’ve seen whole bunch of Electrabuzz but they are all weaker than my Elekids.


seems correct… they seems to be candies representative :grinning: so collect them still