Localised special events benefit few players and encourages cheating


You know…
They always have Unown at those certain event that I can’t name. My dad is a Jerk. He traded a Volbeat from Malaysia (he went here for work) and traded it for an Unown I.
Well, ok he at least caught me a Volbeat. But now everybody is asking him to trade home one


So you’re in Malaysia


We have Volbeat here in Philippines but we don’t have an illumise…


I don’t know what one we got here in the USA




Looks like I will need to trade with anyone from you there :joy:

Hope Far Away Trading or Pokemon Gifting will be allowed in the future.


He isn’t lol


I have many of those, maybe that for a Volbeat? :wink:


I would do this deal if there wasn’t a limit for the distance.


Maybe in the future, win for both of us


Heck no.
He went there for work
My dad


Sure why not? Even if it would be 2 or more to 1 :grin:


I have a few…


Thanks! How I wish we really could… :grin: