Localised special events benefit few players and encourages cheating


shiny pinsir will be just like plusle, minum and roselia. Incresased spawns worldwide for 2 days and if you woin’t get a shiny then you didn’t play enough and don’t deserve one.


I think thats a bit shortsighted in a game like PoGO with a huge RNG element. I ended up with 4 shiny plusle, 3 shiny minun but 0 shiny roselia. I doubt i didnt play enough to not deserve one.


Speaking of shinies, for some reason, low level accounts seem to find them so much more often than high level accounts, especially if the low level player plays casually and the high level player is a regular.


my brother rerolled his account a while back. he got 1 shiny after another. On CD he got 15 shiny chikorita and the second he leveled to TL30 the shinies were gone…
Coincidence? I’ve seen so many of these examples it’s beyond coincicende


there’s always the factor of RNG in these cases. Normally during a weekend with these spawns getting a shiny should be more then doable.

Also the definition of playing a lot or shiny checking a lot can differ between people. Some think checking 100 spawns is a lot, some think 1000 is a good starting point to complain for not getting a shiny.


I’m in Wisconsin, USA
Nothing is going to happen here…
I can’t even get the eggs!
I have trainer account/I am only 12


Sorry that’s not entirely accurate, Australasia is a region comprised of numerous island nations, Australia (which is actually considered a continent all on it’s own, so yes it’s a country & a continent all in one - blimin aussies hey) and the coastal regions of Asia bordering the Indian & Pacific Oceans.

Australia and New Zealand are in the same region, we don’t say the same continent because this part of the world is mostly clutters of islands with lots of water.

In short use the term Region when referring to island countries in the South Pacific/Oceania/Australasia - continents are large land masses like Africa, Asia, Europe & the Americas.


When is your bday?




You are close to Go Fest in Chicago.


Couldn’t because I am 12 dude
I don’t have a friggin drivers license


@JimDaRaider is closer, he lives in Chicago.
But same issue as @Creepika061116.


Get your parents to take you next year. All you have to do is get them playing the game. You have almost a year to work on it.




You are back?


No I’m in Missouri rn


XD I umm am in St Charles and I have no choice of where we go


I know but you can recommend it if you ever go again or go there when you are an adult


They do and are both level 35…
we are on a small budget right now… we are moving up nort


Have fun