Localised special events benefit few players and encourages cheating


With yet another safari zone having just now been announced, it is my opinion that these events only encourage cheating as so many can’t afford to travel to the event. The same goes for regionals, unable to complete the dex locally would also encourage cheating.

What do you think? Should Niantic extend the love to all players and stop making localised events, and stop creating regionals with each new generation?

I think all pokemon should be discoverable within a radius of no more than 100km of where a person is.


No just have some safari zones in the USA




I’m in Australia. There’s never been a local event here.


I’m with you


The USA has had go fest 2 years in a row now. In places like australia, india, russia, etc they have had nothing yet.


I heard about some minor event in UK like a year or so ago, havent witnessed anything myself though so I feel the pain. Trying not to have any opinion about cheaters, I cant change anything about that and they are not my concern really, but more world wide safari zone like events would be much appreciated


Well you had Unknown at RTX.

But yeah i agree that regionals arent fun. But so far alot of them have changed places all arround the world.
Here in the Netherlands we only have Mr. Mime, but i have also caught Farfetch’d, Kangashkan, Corsola, Tauros. All from eggs or the wild. The only thing i got from trading so far is Tropius.
So just be patient. Eventually, all of them will come to you. No need to cheat.


As @Robdebobrob said, PATIENCE is the key word here.
Yes it sucks if events are never held near you, yes it sucks if you miss out on some pokemon that way.
But as Niantic has shown us with Gen 1 regionals, it’s just a matter of time. It’s not like you are missing out on strong meta related pokemon


There’s around 129 countries playing pokemon go so if each event was to take place monthly and assuming new countries aren’t added it would take over 10 years for everyone to get an event which is a whole lot of patience


i was referring to the gen 1 regionals in Eggs :smile:

I still stick with my point: besides some holes in your dex, your missinjg out of nothing special.
With trading in the game even less so.
I want to attend events aswell but the sooner you accept that not everything you want is what you get, the game becomes much more fun.


So am I mistaken in thinking regional events take place in different regions monthly?
I assumed gen 1 regionals in eggs fell under the regional event category
Reading that back I sound very sarcastic, genuine question I promise


Everybody can hatch them right now, it’s a worldwide event.


Besides SHiny Pinsir lol


Events are mostly in same areas, which hardly ever change. ( never had an event in canada)

So spoofers love events! It’s more for them than the locals…


Never an event in the entire Australia for @beales.com and @NotanotherKangaskhan


Age capped accounts can’t have Friends = No 7km Eggs = no Regionals = No Trading either.

If we did get an Event in Australia it would most likely be in Sydney or Melbourne which while in my country is far from local to me. The cost of travel (drive or fly over) plus Accommodation for 1-2 nights and incidentals for food and drink would see it some where around $500 - $1000. No thanks I’ll give it a miss.

Agree with what some else wrote above ^. that these things are a haven for the GPS cheaters.


Isn’t Australia your country?

It is a continent and a country, right???


Yes, it’s a country, technically, Australasia is the continent as New Zealand is on the same continent


And that’s exactly why they wouldn’t. Broader events spanning continents make more sense