Level 40 trainer chat!


This is only for TL40 players.:grin:


I didn’t spend any money, but it took over 2 years to get here.


Why don’t you create it by your own on your own server?


Now that the topic is cleared what do you want to talk about?

How much XP do our level 40 members have? Personally up to 63 million :grinning:


I have about 32 million xp


I’m at 47 million. Goal is 3 x TL40 by the end of the year which should be doable as i currently rack up 1 million xp per week.

As a Team Instinct player that also plays some other games and has a social life (don’t ask how but somehow i do) gaining XP is the only thing i can compete in within our community, and some feeling of competition is good for the game so i’m glad i can compete.


1 million xp a week is not difficult, 7 legendary raids a day with lucky eggs will just about do that.


Closing in on the 100k caught


7 raids per day is too much and not fun. I will only do that with shiny legendary bosses and that is just for a few days.

I’ll get my xp like everyone else does atm: friends


7 a day not fun?

I did 14 mewtwo raids in one day recently and had lots of fun!

Weekdays here really suck as 90% of the time I seem to be the only player keen to raid, but unlike 95% of players here, I only work 1 day a week.


Wow that is 4 times what I have caught!


Im still pretty fresh, just 26mil and 32-33k catches


The Professor loves me. I give him lots of Pokemon to make Pokemon Smoothies.

It’s interesting looking at the Collector numbers and Raid numbers of players who get to L40.

Favourite Quotes On Hub

i did 24 articuno, 34 zapdos and 38 moltress raids in their days. They were super fun. also did 17 raids on a mewtwo trigger day before the system was known. Even more fun since i met my GF that day. So yes,. raiding is hella fun.
But doing 7 a day, for the remainder of the year is something completely else and only doable for a select few.

Since the release of raids i’ve done 782 legendary raids. that’s like 1,5 per day. I’d rather do nothing else then just play and raid all day, each day, but sadly there is thing called Real Life thats in the way.



I did 600 level 5 raids.


Now that are level 40 on your PTC kiddy account, what are you gonna do with it? Toss it aside and focus on you ‘adult’ account or keep playing on it?

My bet is you keep playing on it, eventhough you hate that account for being child locked :wink:



I will keep using it,but i play ingress too.


Seems like I’m getting more XP now that I don’t care about it. I hit Level 40 3 weeks ago and got 2.6 million XP since.