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Seriously 99 balls? Isn’t it a visual glitch only?


That would be likedownload%20(2)


Don’t know


Folks around where I live seem to think there’s going to be a Legendary Raid Hour this evening, and yet I haven’t seen any announcement about it. Rumor says that there was a one Wednesday in New Zealand. But I’m a little dubious, because I haven’t seen any chatter about it here on the Hub…

Can I get a confirmation from some of you on the Hub who are in Europe that you did have a Legendary Raid hour, or that you didn’t?


It just Announced it for us


Thanks, John. My wishes for a shiny hour for y’all.


You to bro may the shiny gods bless you


Whenever I put an Eevee in to a gym, this eventually happens. I love it!



^^^Yeah all the chicks in my town love doing that.


Won my first tier 3 raid today. But it is so weak it could well be an tier 2 (but it’s not). It was an Onyx raid and weather boosted.


Version 0.151.0-g Just popped up in my store.


I just realized that tier 3 Onix has a lower CP than tier 2 Alolan Exeggutor… :exploding_head::man_facepalming:

Edit: Got the chart, it’s even worse…




@bagguille how you been


One week in the hospital (my wife has been ill, better now). Only good thing was access to a Stop and a Gym from inside the room there.


Sup folks.

Broke down and bought a Switch today. lol


@bagguille that’s good your wife is better now
@VanHooIII cool what games you get


@vorgriff3 what’s new


One of my roommates has a ton of games, so I won’t have to buy a lot of them. I mostly got it for Pokemon Sword and Shield. :rofl:

… I did buy Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and an RPG called Earthlock though. lol


Happy International Left-Handers Day!